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  1. Lol I remember this topic had like 82 pages of replies, now it's 36? Wtf.
  2. Yeah, I was more of a Goosebumps fan (own most of the series), but I still loved watching AYAOTD.
  3. Unless the Patriots win the Super Bowl, they won't be viewed as the best team ever seen, but that's still disputable.
  4. Exactly!' If you try to raise Herblore with anything other than Prayer Potions, you will be losing ALOT of money. Take Super Attack Potions for example. Outcome Irits=1.2k ea + WFV=100-150ea(?) + Eye of Newts=100ea ---------------------------------- 1.4kea Income Super Attack Potions=300ea Total Income 300-1400= (-900) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So (-900)gp per every pot made. Considering it will take around 30k+ potions to do this, you'd earn a "healthy" (-270+)m :|
  5. Chris Hansen:"Who are you?" Random Pedo:"OMG it's Chris Hansen!" Chris Hansen:"Why don't you have a seat?" *Pedophile shoots himself
  6. Update: San Diego has beaten Tennessee 17-6 ( :evil: ) and will move on to face the Indianapolis Colts next week. This concludes the Wildcard games, now it is time for the Divisional games!
  7. Ok, my current goal is to reach 100 combat, which means getting all my current melee stats to 80 (the hp lvls will also add to the combat gain). I was wondering if I should continue use the Slayer assingments I receive from Chaeldar to train, because I frequently get crappy assignments such as: Bronze Dragons (6-21), Turoths (I hate using spear;140+), Crocodiles (90+), Fever Spiders (150+), etc. So should I continue doing Slayer assignments, or should I train on other monsters that anre't Slayer assignments?
  8. And we all know Mr.Favre will probably come back for another season to extend his record if he doesn't win the bowl :wall:
  9. UPDATE:The New York Giants have beaten the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24-14, and will advance to the Divisional Playoff game to face the Dallas Cowboys. The final wildcard game is Tennessee vs. Sand Diego.
  10. MCR Metal? Kid, what are you smoking? OT:Seriously, MCR is one of the bands that I truly dislike.
  11. A bow, wah wah wah wah wahhhhhhhhh OT: I'm switching from BB Tuba to C Tuba next month, can't wait :)
  12. Haha, I remember the "No hug for me" one. The best one is probably when they guy gets caught and tells the police "Gentlemen please, my back hurts." Its amazing though, Hansen was on Jimmy Kimmel once and he told him from that day they had caught over 200 predators. You think they'd stop after seeing this show, but they just keep coming.
  13. AFAIK: No. If San Diego wins, Jacksonville will face New England. Not sure about the other game but I'm sure you're wrong because we do not know who faces who until the other AFC and NFC games are completed. It all depends on seeding. Yeah you're right, SD is a higher seed than JAX, so I can't justify who will face NE/IND. However it is clarified that Seattle will face Green Bay.
  14. The Jacksonville Jaguars and the Seattle Seahawks will advance to the Divisional Playoff games. Jacksonville will face the Indianapolis Colts; Seattle will face the Green Bay Packers. Today we have the remaining Wildcard games, with the Tennessee Titans matched up against the Sand Diego Chargers; and the New York Giants bashing heads with, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  15. I'm the same range level as you, and when I attempted to use Crystal Bow to kill them, it took me 63 shots. Which will definitely not break you even for even the lowest payment of the bow. Your best bet is to use a Rune Crossbow equipped with Emerald Bolts (e). However, if you just want to use your Crystal Bow, kill Blue Dragons until at least 85 range. This way you have at least a chance at killing them for profit
  16. Ranger boots give the best range bonus in the game if I'm not mistaken, however I think 3rd age coif gives more range bonus than robin hat. In the long run it's not really worth it. Sure, it looks nice and gives good bonuses, but there are other items that also suffice (snakeskin boots, archer helm, etc.).
  17. You're right, the problem is that the calculator doesn't take Crumble Undead's max hit into account. Look beside Fire Bolt and it indicates it's max hit (12), which will give you 34.5 exp. However splashing Fire Bolt will only give you 22.5 exp, just like splashing Crumble Undead will give you 24.5 exp.
  18. Well, at 75 woodcut it will take you AT LEAST 30 mins to get a full load. I myself at 86 woodcut still average around 25-30 mins per load. So... 1300 logs/28 loads=46 loads needed 46 loads needed*30mins=1380mins 1380mins/60mins=23hrs So it would approximately take you 23 hours to cut your desired 1300 magic logs.
  19. Eats Varrock is the closest Tin and Copper mine to a bank. However if you go to Champion's Guild mine it's not that bad a walk to the bank.
  20. ^ Just go to Turael and get an easier assignment, then go back to your highest leveled Slayer Master.
  21. I would think it would be a site similar to Bounty Hunter in the wild, available to both F2P and P2P. Maybe even they change Bounty Hunter on some worlds where you can only attack your target, no more Rogue. How does bounty hunter work anyways BH is basically... 1. Going in alone and getting whupped in under 30 seconds by a clan, losing everything you're carrying. 2. Going in with a clan, piling everyone you see, and once you get a good kill you get BSed.
  22. Ok, guess I'll keep growing herbs, making potions and selling them, along with planting fruit trees. Question though, should I grow watermelon and limpwurts as well?
  23. Fire Bolt over Wind Blast, especially if you have Chaos Gauntlets.
  24. Ok my Farming is almost level 60, waiting for my Papaya's to finish growing. I wanted to know what would be the best method for 60-75 Farming. If it includes herbs, should I use the herbs to raise my Herblore as well, or just sell the herbs? All advice appreciated, thanks.
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