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  1. My reality is definite. I dunno about yours.
  2. And yet if we ever get into space travel without FTL, it may be the only way. Might end up with entire nomadic spacefaring communities though... Which might be an interesting concept for a Sci-Fi story. Actually, that's not an uncommon theme in sci-fi. This story in particular deals with it very well, I think.
  3. It'd probably be easier just to lasso a couple asteroids than tear the crust off a planet. Also, they'd be less likely to die of chicken pox.
  4. Mental_floss is pretty cool. Full of trivia and fun stuff. Awesome website as well.
  5. frakir_staer


    Progressive era was from about TR to the end of Wilson. My DBQ was about Puritan influence on the development of New England. I would have preferred yours.
  6. Had the first meet of the season yesterday. Two weeks of practice was not nearly enough. Got about a 7:38 in the 500, but got second in both relays, so I guess it's okay.
  7. That's what she said. OT: Rotten coconut milk. Weird thing is it smelled like a pile of dead puppies, but I didn't notice while I was drinking it. I think it was a few years old, easy. You know how a pile of dead puppies smell? Obviously it smells like rotten coconut milk.
  8. This is my third year of swimming. Just started last Monday, so still working on getting into shape. Had dry land practice today. I hate running. I swim the 500 usually, maybe the 200 and couple of relays for good measure. I was down to about a 6:20 for the 500 at the end of last season from starting at like 7:10, so I'm aiming for under six minutes this year.
  9. No, it dropped out because they were draining the power by firing the weapons... no wait. They fired the weapons after they dropped out. Unless they were somehow firing while in FTL. idk. Rush is officially a slick bastard in my opinion now.
  10. The entire world has approximately six billion people in it at the moment.
  11. I don't think it's actually a hyperdrive. It looks more like some sort of warp drive, like it's bending space around the ship, not shunting it to an alternate dimension.
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