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  1. Too dark? :? Night would either not look light night at all, or make things too dark. Even with a light source, you wouldn't be able to see far, which would just be annoying.
  2. Nice bank, good to return to if Jagex sort this mess out. +1
  3. 1.In the tunnel there are 4 big rooms with the skeletons in, pick one of them and stand under the archways that protect you from the falling rocks. Just keep moving about to keep the monkey skeletons spread out so you can hit as many as possible at once. 2.Use short fuse. 3. Something like that would be pretty good. People may suggest a ring of life incase you lagg out though. 4. Depends on your ranged to prayer potion ratio. Say you took 5 range pots and 20 prayer potions, to spread out your range pots throughout your trip it would be 1 range dose per prayer potion.
  4. Fast method, with a little luck? Killing the zammy boss for your own hilt sounds perfect to me. O:)
  5. Aquriez

    70 cooking?

    Buy lobsters, cook, sell. Quick and relatively cheap.
  6. Coal is far too slow. Go down into mining guild, out the door and mine the iron there. In large amounts, iron can make you a lot of money.
  7. If you don't care about money, then go with red salamanders. Just take a load of nets and ropes with you and you can stay there for days if you drop the salamanders. Tele ourania or walk up from castle wars to get there. This is very quick exp.
  8. Yaks.. are ftw. They're the alternative to experiments that I've been looking for. :D I can consistently hit 18+ on them because of their low defence and there is never any shortage of them.
  9. Slayer dart. For veracs to be effective you need 85+ attack, 80+ strength and 80+ defense.
  10. oh, how is this any different? Never knew that 1, to be honest The recovery question boxes are checked automatically, if they don't match the current questions answers, it's an automatic fail. If you put your old ones in the message box it is manually checked by staff.
  11. Red chins prices seem to fluctuate a lot. From what I've seen they keep rising/falling between 600 and 800 each. You should probably sell in batches of 5000 though as a precaution.
  12. Jad is the only hard part. I've tried 3 times, got to Jad 3 times, died 3 times. First time I panicked and died pretty quickly, second time I got to healers and forgot about prayer switching, third time I so almost killed Jad but was a bit too slow on drinking a super restore. :( So yeah, getting that far is simple but beating Jad can take a lot of pratice.
  13. He wants people to confirm how much the penance skirt weighs. Was that not obvious? :?
  14. The level up pictures don't feature the new symbols either. Wrong.
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