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  1. And the wild mass guessing begins!
  2. I liked the mainstream before it went mainstream but now it's mainstream I hate it. [hide][/hide]
  3. Tidgy

    Royal Wedding

    The only form of government before the Enlightenment was monarchy. Switzerland only became a republic recently. Various Mediaeval and Renaissance Italian city states were not republics. Not one member state of the Holy Roman Empire was a republic. Novgorod is a lie perpetuated by anti-monarchists. Rome went from being ruled by kings to being ruled by emperors, there was nothing inbetween.
  4. Get Adblock or something similar to block http://forum.tip.it/public/jbc.cur
  5. Anybody post Vlad yet? [hide] [/hide] That body can make me forget any corruption.
  6. Tidgy

    9/11 attacks

    US soldiers 'killed Afghan civilians for sport and collected fingers as trophies' Don't worry, they were the fingers of evil people.
  7. Tidgy

    800% Slower Song

    They're just static.
  8. Or pretty much everything else he has ever spoken or written.
  9. And what's wrong with Weaboos? :angry: Nyaaaaa!! I meant no offence Requiem-san, I was just making a joke desu~!!!! (^________^)
  10. [hide=Vault Dweller] [/hide] The number has to be edited in, the shoulder pad is on the wrong side, I could of chosen a shorter hair style, there are better boots and Dogmeat is looking a little scruffy. Still, could be worse.
  11. I am not a number, I am a free man!
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