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  1. They removed pking in the wilderness. +1 they just added bounty hunter area... Pking isn't completely dead. There will be a 1v1 are added within the 1st half of this year.
  2. I ranged fire giants from 50 - 65 range without hassle, just brought a load of iron arrows.
  3. I've seen Mod Constant in Lumbridge and Mod Craddock playing castle wars.
  4. One of my friends actually kills revenants as a hobby, he goes to the wilderness killing them asw he would a normal Pker. The drops aren't actually that bad.
  5. tastywheat1

    Lame names.

    Implies the uncreative mind. +1
  6. I have multiple accoutns, and every single one cannot log in. Maybe this has something to do with the summoning update, could the only people left in be beta testers?
  7. Just bring some relatively good food and go train in the first level of security stronghold or if you're feeling confident... hillgiant, I think Moss Giants would be a bit too tricky for you at the moment.
  8. If you want fast, easy xp, then just go to rock crabs. Although you won't make a profit.
  9. Anything caged in ardougne zoo. Or there are 1 or 2 hobgoblins which are stuck on their own little islands up by relleka, that's where i trained.
  10. It's hard to predict when prices are fluctuating so much at the moment, I would say the only way to find the answer to your question is patience.
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