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  1. Besty


    Huge day for Canada. 4 medals and an incredible performance at the rink.
  2. Besty


    Decent game, was a little nervous in the first period. The most important thing to come out of that game was chemistry, and the players learning to play with one another. In such a short tournament, chemistry is huge.
  3. Besty


    Canada got its first medal today. Silver Medal in women's mogels. She was predicted to get gold, so was a little disappointed :( On a side note: Went downtown today to check out the atmosphere, was absolutely amazing. A little disappointed of the viewing of the Olympic Flame, you couldn't get anywhere near it, and it had a good 15ft fence all around. [hide][/hide]
  4. It has been like 5 years and you still won't give out your real identity :)
  5. You forgot about the level 60-80's who just go PK in Ammy and Dragon Long then talk about how much they own even though they are built to three hit, and can't. Oh yea, they never travel deeper than level 10. It's sooo much fun Pk'ing now a days.
  6. Bought members today to check it out. Checked it out and Wildy was dead, so I was pretty bored just walking around. Went to the bank and remembered why I quit...all my food for Pking is certed and didn't want to uncert 5500 raw lob certs lol. Was still pretty cool playing again. I'm definitely down for a F2P rule world as I was only F2P when I played and don't really understand the members worlds...
  7. being a pure plate wasn't a glitch, you got caught autoing along with everybody else and they reset your stats but not your quests. You don't know what you're talking about. When dragon slayer was out you could trade map pieces between characters for about the first week or two if i remember correctly. Meaning the one that required magic to obtain could simply be traded to your non-magic pure. The_Moser, (Thugpimps pure plate) wasn't autoed at any point. Of course some statwiped people used the wipe to become pure plates, seeing as they already had done the quest. But the majority of pure plates were honest working Runescapers. Dam right I was honest working.
  8. I don't think you ever bsed me because I'm pretty sure I would of killed you at least once and I don't really even remember fighting you. I thought we were always cool. My best friends from rsc were war xxl, devinesaiyan, down to you, charro88 (giz), kdog3wa and the canadian swifty (I wreck swifty at madden now on 360 and he kills me in points on cod, actually he probably beats me in madden more than I do him, but yeah). I had some really cool people on my rs list and msn list but we just never talked too much apart from rs. I can't believe I forgot Giz. DSM, do me a favour. Tell Swifty that the leafs suck.
  9. No. 32 Quest Points were required. I remember buying Black armour there when it first came out. This was before Dragon slayer.
  10. If I remember correctly, this kid used to talk an absurd amount of trash against his opponents. To reiterate what Thug said. He was damn good at Pk'ing. I'd be disappointed if he didn't talk trash.
  11. I don't think I had a best friend, but I definitely had group of friends that I wouldn't back stab or betray. -Swifty and that whole group, Llama, Devinesaiyan, Stinger44, Super Tonny, Pepsi... I know there are a bunch more but I haven't looked at my friends list in ages so I wouldn't know who is who. Oh, definitely Keeler too. He was bloody hilarious. Realistically, if I had someone on my friends list I would never betray them. If I didn't have you added, chances were I would attack you at some point.
  12. Do you know what my banked look like most of the time? I had maybe 3-5 rune sets. Know what swifty's bank looked like? Easily over 300 sets. I had to get armour off of him a lot lol. Not a lot of people liked him but he could always catch and I remember when he got a new computer he was amazing at times. And he got way more kills than me. It wasn't all about catching but he knew how to do that and everything else too. If anyone fought kdog a lot you would put him up there with adx and arkan. He was an insane catcher. My top 4 would be adx, kdog, swifty and arkan. I wanna say killermandie but he seriously cheated the last 2-3 years he played. He used speed stop. I think that's what it was called. Hey Tonny. Been a long time! Hope everything is well with you. It's funny that you mentioned me being a lazy leveler. I started to think if I remember ever pking in the level 60s, and I honestly cant jog a memory. Level 70ish was my playing field, and I definitely excelled at it. The team members definitely helped a lot ;) I honestly think that Swifty was one of the best Pkers in the game. He excelled on both Swifty and Stim. Near the end of my playing time I was in the same situation as you D. I only ever kept like a handful of rune sets available. I did have the resources to buy a new set if I was out though..luckily. I remember on my Newb who was 1 prayer at like lvl 48, I would honestly go through like 10 2hs a day. It was tough to keep the 2hs piling up on that character. Edit: This is for you Tonny ;) Way to protect :D
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