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  1. I made around 3.4k unf potions/hour with the scroll of cleansing, so it's around 3k/hour without the scroll. Haven't recently checked the rate for unf -> finished potions, but I remember it to be around 2k/hour, so I guess Levon is right about that.
  2. Rocks > Uchiha, therefore you need a rock hammer.
  3. I got my 1st RC rock on my first trip, 2nd one on the second trip.
  4. Well yeah, price is rising But should'nt that encourage people to RC more and buy the runes less? They just don't buy Profit margin is narrowing though, since pure essence has been rising also, usually at a faster rate. People are crafting fewer and fewer natures as RC, even at 91, is no longer amazing money. Actually, you can now make around 1.1-1.3M gp/hour with 91+ runecrafting instead of the 950K/hour when pure essence was 150gp each and natures 230gp each.
  5. You don't need the pendant of Lucien to get the boots of lightness, you only need a lightsource and a knife/slash weapon to slash the spiderweb. However, if you want to get your pendant of Lucien back for some other reason, you can get it back from Lucien (or a local thug after While Guthix Sleeps) at the Ardougne pub or Lucien's hideout near Varrock.
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