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  1. Huh? Banned for confusing me with that remark. Just as I whisper (eedyit)
  2. 8/10 knights are classic, but they are noble warriors, and I think that is a good style.
  3. I hate punkish styles, such as emo or gangster style, because that is just dumb. I'm a serious kind of person, and I would not care about what type of style I am, but I am a redneck.
  4. I will have exams at that time, so I won't read it, until August. I think the story will be terrible, but I'll give it a try and see.
  5. Man, I'm feeling like that I am going to shoot somebody in the head right now... Hitler got expelled from school, but he still studied and became an intelligent boy. Then he bravely fought for the Germans in the First World War. He was very lucky that he survived in the Battle of The Somme. He was in prison in 1924, then was released in 1928. Germans voted for him, so he was elected, the Fuhrer of Germany. He made intelligent decisions, but he was so mad, so I have to vote BOTH.
  6. I will first need to think about if that Democrat in the elections will be stupid as Clinton. If he is, I'd say Bush, or if it is the opposite, I'll just have to pick Bush, since I hate all Democrats which is more than 1 person and Bush is only 1 person.
  7. I would not flame you for this, but many people are [bleep]s and don't know about this. Adolf Hitler started WW2, because he wanted to avenge the defeat of Germany in WW1. Stalin may have killed less than Hitler did during WW2, but he killed even more than Hitler after WW2. He killed more than 50 million people, but Hitler only killed about 20 million people less than Stalin did. My favorite band Slayer, has a lead/rthym guitarist called Jeff Hanneman. His father fought in the Battle of Normandy, and he is very interested in Nazis, so sometimes the Slayer logo comes up with a Nazi eagle, because of Hanneman's interests.
  8. Do you think you watched it when the Star Wars Movie came out in 1980? If you did, then you must be like 30. If you didn't, then you're probably under 30.
  9. You can post them again, if you like, like how I posted Orlando Bloom again. So, Owen Wilson.
  10. Banned for banning somebody with an unusual reason, and for only posting here.
  11. 6/10 I do like Halo, but the sig is too small.
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