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  1. Remember when I got it 2 yrs ago before all this sc stuff to make it faster, and it was still speedy. Must have been easy, grats
  2. I think what you're doing is pretty amazing. i've thought about it a few times myself but theres a big difference between thinking and doing it, and you, are doing it.
  3. haha too bad you dont have a picture of you messaging people with "walk in d [email protected]@@@@[email protected]@@@@2" Grats man well earned, I'm also thinking about getting 99 pray when bones drop.
  4. Oh wow, wakka my best inspiration to skill is BACK? Good luck on all goals!
  5. bursted rock lobs in the tunnels before DK's Costed maybe...6m? I didn't really keep track
  6. These past few days I noticed I had been sitting at 97 mage for a while, so I decided I'd just finish it up as quickly as possible. I decided I'd just burst to finish it off. The other day i got 98 So then today I worked my tail off so I could finish off 99 magic. I got ~90 xp off, then pmed some friends to come grats me. Nobody seemed to be at the comp (all afk wind striking) but there was 1 friend training at axe hut who wasn't afk. I decided I would bring the party to him since he didnt want to move. Without thinking about it I tele'd up to gd's, only to get the level accidentally. I didn't notice in time and clicked away, missing the picture. I clicked the magic tab to get that screeny which is sub-standard in my opinion and even missed that screenshot. So this is what I wound up with lol The charms I got during my time - started with close to 0
  7. Don't know if you remember me, but its good to see that you're still going :) keep on keepin' on and good luck
  8. I havn't been here in a while, so figured I'd log on to wish you luck on your goal! :D
  9. Haha. How often do we EVER fight dark mages? The correct translation is "dark forces". And no, it's not alot cheaper than advertising in the UK, USA or somewhere else. like i said dont expect a perfect translation im only in year 3 :P
  10. bad translation from my year 3 german... New right now at sevengames.de, runescape HD! its unthinkably cheap. you can play with thousands of players. You explore a large world and fight dark mages. Here you can start your own legend. Runescape hd, the free online game at sevengames.de ya thats something like that my german is a little bad but you should get the picture. No they never do mention jagex, of that I am sure.
  11. just to tell you you cant have 2 mages on at once, as soon as 1 of you splash the other is kicked off. In the event you werent suggesting that ancients are not only easier but more practical due to the amount of space the runes take up in ancient spells v.s. god spells. You really dont want to be caught in the middle with say 4 brews 3 sharks due to limited inventory space.
  12. id be happy if you were able to pk people for these things to wear yourself when pking, meaning the only thing you lose is supplies. Im not in it for the pixels just the fun but this would be cool for me
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