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  1. To be fair its not just runescape that is having these problems. I remember 2-3 years ago i used to play a f2p mmorpg called mabinogi. It had a really nice community and almost no gold sellers and no bots at all. I recently played it again and first thing i saw were gold seller spammers. People were arguing about bots and even hacks on their offical forums. :-|
  2. Does the +5% bonus of Ammy of Zealots also work with curses like leech ranged? I have seen a video on youtube by a known range tank where he says it doesn't work but on tip.it it says it does work. :mellow: Im more inclined to believe tip.it but im looking for confirmation before i waste 40k tokens. Also if it works how exactly does it work? As for leech ranged, "Boosts Ranged by 5%, increasing to 10% over time." Will zealots boost range by 10% and increase to 15%?
  3. I would go with whichever account has done the most quests so that would probably be your main. I don't think being 70 attack would be that fun in the long run. You could only pk in dharoks and maybe in rune with sara sword and if you end up getting higher attack you could have just used you main in the first place. Also 77 def isnt so bad because alot of dharoks/barrows pkers get 75 def eventually for dfs/spirit shields.
  4. I love the auras but i hate the way they were implented. They look way to nice to be obtainable in such an easy way and didn't jagex say they were going to be cosmetical? :blink: They just lack a sense of accomplishment, everyone will have them in a few months. I really hope jagex will add more auras which are obtainable through the game as monster drops or player made.
  5. Wow, you guys are fast. :-o I guess i will try armored zombies first then. I just saw a yt guide about them and they seem like a good place to train and i can substitute one piece of bandos with veracs/prossy since will be praying anyway. :shades: Totally forgot about slayer, thanks for reminding me. I will defninitly do some slaying on the way to maxed attack and strength when i will get bored of grinding the same monsters over and over. It probably wont be my main source of xp though. In the main building without any other players there its 100k+ xp/h. I used neitz, prossy, fury, fire cape, sara sword and super potted without piety. I only just tested this today. :razz: Thanks for all the helpful replies, i will try to take each of your points into consideration.
  6. Hi all, I just came back to runescape after 3 years so now i need to get updated on the best ways to train my melee stats. My current stats and bank if you need them: For now im training strength at bandits with prayer gear and sara sword/d2h getting 100-110k xp/h just like i did 3 years ago. I also tried dharoking monkey guards which was about the same xp but alot more annoying. Are these methods still considered good xp? I heard about armored zombies and meleeing ape atoll skeletons being good xp and i even have salve ammy(e). How much xp/h would i get there with my stats? Note, i can only afford 1 piece of bandos and i don't have a torso so i would preffer using prayer gear or dharoks but not necessarily. I would also preffer if i could obtain some charms while training because my summoning is really low. :( My first goal is being ready to pk again which i don't think i am right now. Which quests and stats are must haves for pking these days? I have done dt, rfd, lunars, piety quests already and i heard about korasi sword which also needs a quest to use. Are there any other quests i should do? Is turmoil a must have or can i still compete with piety at my combat lvl(112)? :o Is there anything else i should get?
  7. its real, i saw it on pro7 wich is one of the biggest tv channels in germany. they showed it right after the simpsons.
  8. i just saw this on german tv while i was playing runescape. : it looked much better on tv though. expect a massive amount of german noobs to enter runescape now. \ 0H4jJlMobt0
  9. you say you own this way but how can you own at something that doesnt take any skill at all.:shame: 2/10
  10. Would you say its as original as your runescape name "123 x pac"? :lol: This thread is just another attempt to flame pures.
  11. this update is sercretly an update for skillers and not pkers. whats the point of having the option to lose items in clanwars when you cant even loot them. thats just a pointless waste. :| its only good for skillers because the demand for pk supplies will go up. jagex just love skillers it seems. :roll:
  12. +1 i love the new mentality in runescape. everything jagex do is right and if you rant you should just stop playing. :roll: i think most runescape players have an inferior complex because of people telling them runescape sucks so they talk down any critisism towards their game so they can keep thinking runescape is the "perfect" game or something. even is the bank updates are good it still has flaws and without people ranting jagex wouldnt care about them, they are pointing out whats bad to make runescape better so let them rant.
  13. do all the quests for barrows gloves before you get any more def or you mgiht end up with more def then you want.
  14. what an awfull rule. i wanted to start alching to 94 mage soon but if i can only buy 100 yew longs every 4 hours its going to take forever.
  15. wasnt the staff of armadyl part of the story of temple of ikov? i think there will be a sequel to this quest wich will allow users to buy or obtain the staff.
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