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  1. Sory to invade but i have a related question. Whats the respawn time on the zammy wine, also how long does it take to get 1 shark at level 79 fishing. Thans.
  2. Damn, oh-well that cant be helped can it. Thanks for the speedy reply though.
  3. To make cosmic runes do you need pure essence?
  4. The quests are very annoying, all based on low-ish leveled people, why not something geared towards 80+ or something? And maybe make it hard and have a good reward? Also about the "forbbiding of the ages" thingo, anyone can lie to make an account. It might be agaisnt the law but i dont think Jagex is going to investigate it? You cant stop the "immature" people from joining unless you can report abuse for being immature. The harder quests idea is great. I belive it is becoming more of a "young player game". EDIT: woot first post :thumbsup:
  5. I'm an Aussie too, i pay by phone and its $12 AUD. If it costs $5 USD like they advertise it then i think they got the USD - AUD exchange rate wrong. So everyone who says were cheap because we cant cough up $5 you can be quiet now. If it was any more i might as well as just buy WoW and pay the $20 a month.
  6. Me and my mate decided to start a "show-off" line and we attracted alot of people, and one person said: Also when i was getting level 1 clue scrolls from HAMs, we all got jailed. Also in the show off line someone wanted to know where igot my rune boots from, check out the reply. Hehe, a bit odd.
  7. I was fishing lobbies :( BTW one unrelated question: Would 300 sharks be faster than 1k lobbies? I am level 79 fishing.
  8. Sorry my bad about double topic, you can lock this please.
  9. I cant seem to connect to Runescape, i was playing fine just before and i logged out and now i cant log back in. I tried switching worlds but i keep getting "Unable to connect, login server offline". s anyone else getting this too?
  10. LMFAO! Best joke ever from Jagex!
  11. I like farming, its a nice break from my fishing i have to do all the time. I'm level 31 in farming and cant wait till 32. Apparently thats when the money making comes in whe nyou can grow ranarrs.
  12. okay i got another one, i need a gnome robe. Where do i get them from?
  13. I like the war idea, would you lose your items like you do when pking while "participating" in this fight? The fluxuating prices is a really good idea, we need that kind of stuff. statement on the romaing monsters, as long as we dont end up with lesser demons in lumbridge its all good :mrgreen: I support (is there a support list?)
  14. I support, my little level 4 friend was getting concerned when he was getting stalked by a level 8 girl asking for him to be her "bf".
  15. Well i joined RS in 2003, so runecrafting was the first skill update i saw.
  16. Maybe we should get the high leveled players to quit untill jagex gets them a nice quest to do.
  17. just done 2, and this is what i got from both of them Still gonna go back and do alot of them, hopefully i get some black g items.
  18. My very first account (RSC) was banned (I'm a reformed scammer). I just get automated messages when i try to recover it. But ohwell thats what i get for breaking rules.
  19. I got this clue from one of those "Ice Warriors" in the port sarim ice dungeon place. And it says: "Dance in the center of canifis. bow before you talk to me. equip a green gnome robe top, mitril legs and iron two handed sword." Does it require a quest to do? If so i'll just drop it because i cant be bothered.
  20. I'm gonna start doing the same thing as you, you've inspired me so to speak, hehe.
  21. Okay, where is that located? Thanks EDIT: Thanks lol, i might try the guild again
  22. Does anyone know a good place to mine gold that isn't very far away from a bank? I tried the crafting guild but its a long way away from the bank. At the moment i am in karamja volcano mining and banking in the tz-har place. Is there a better place that needs no quest to get into?
  23. I was level 17 when i joined members, so i wondered out just a bit north-west from fally and went into taverly and got my self some of those "white robes". I'm now level 81.
  24. I went around giving out Iron 2 handers in lumbridge today, i got the occasional "thank you" and met a very nice level 4 player who i have now added to my friends list. He was worried about some level 8 "h" (A person who sleeps around) who was harrasing him to be hes "bf". He comes to me for advice now, i feel so good. Also gave out some steel swords and other random low leveled items i had. I had some ungreatful people though come and ask for better or more stuff. but i like doing it occasionally, it clears out the bank and puts mei na good helpful mood.
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