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  1. After the quest, you get extra dialogue with Juna. She talks about that Zanik and the player have blasphemied againt all gods, and that you should have allowed Dorgesh-Kaan to be destroyed. With your actions, you have rebelled against the gods, and challenged their sovreingity.
  2. I loved the quest, but can someone explain what the Crossbow special does?
  3. Hitpoints. If this drops to 0, it pwns all skills, because it KILLS the one with the skills.
  4. Maybe Golem Programming?
  5. Didn't Ben Kenobi once asked "Who is more noobish; the noob or the noob who calls him a noob?"?
  6. A wise man once said: "Do not ask why. Rather ask; 'Why not?'"
  7. Me: Lawful Neutral I guess that Reldo is Lawful Good
  8. My first 99 was Total Level, I might follow up with Combat.
  9. Someone managed to get a Graahk Familiar into the GE, a few squares from the bank booth. Yes, I know I'm mean.
  10. They are, on the other hand, talking a lot about Z, the return of Z and the big Z. It all points to Zaros. Or the sequel to Dream Mentor.
  11. When Guthix Gets Out Of Bed With The Wrong Leg And You Are The Only One To Stop Him From Undoing Creation, or WGGOOBWTWLAYATOOTSHFUC. It's got a certain ring to it...
  12. Well, last week in the GE, som level 6 guy asked if he could do Icthlarin's Little Helper. A couple of mid-high level people (including me) politely told him that that would almost certainly result in death. Not everyone is mean at noobs...
  13. Erm... if everyone can get free super pots in the duel arena, everyone will use them, which negates their use in the first place.
  14. I want to add that I really like that the Diciples can now carry far more Ecto-tokens. They can now carry up to 260 tokens, and tell you with a chat head if you can't carry any more.
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