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  1. Any news on whether prayer is going to be double xp as well?
  2. Its average I think, I wouldn't say its a bad time.
  3. One on the left is your server ID, the one on the right is your score
  4. And what if you NEVER get invited to parties, NEVER hear of them, you're friends NEVER have them or even go to them. what then? sorry if im being aggressive I've had a [bleep] of a night, im highly pissed off and frustrated at the 100% NON EXISTENT of my social life because none of my friends have or go to parties, or dont invite me, or when they do, the only single girl there is a village bicycle with insane extra emotion baggage and suddenly the parties ruined and you've once more met NO ONE with your friends never ever ever ever helping you in any social situation including talking, meeting people, or even hooking up which has so far happened to E V E R Y friend of mine, but me. Yes, Im mad. Why do you depend on your friends so much?
  5. Hey guys. I've been out of the clan world and RS for almost 2 years now, but lately I've been considering coming back to RS. I was hoping some of you guys could tell me what the biggest changes to the clan world were throughout the past 2 years, what clans are still around from then, if TPR is still the best team ever, and whether RS is even worth coming back to. Cheers. P.S: If anyone remembers me you should really post. I used to go by the RSN Rude_boy912, or Bailing_Boss. <3
  6. Congrats Kevin, nice to see you're still doing well.
  7. If you like him, you'll love Beardyman. Check him out on Youtube.
  8. RIP Team Power Rangers. Had an amazing time with you guys, easily the most fun I ever had on RS. Was a good run.
  9. Nice one, Congratulations :) How long did it take? Thanks, I started using the Intervention at the beginning of 2nd Prestige and I'm now half way through 4th Prestige, so quite a long time.
  10. Finally got the 1k Intervention headshots title. Only 100 headshots away from the 1k headshots title for the Barrett as well.
  11. I just caught you looking at romy's real life picture, cough up mate.

  12. Bugatti Veyron and the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Both beautiful cars. Would post pictures but it's late and I'm tired.
  13. Grats PKM. Oh Pan, how's your Advisor position in Prophecy going?
  14. People don't hit you hard enough
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