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  1. YES. Let us look at the facts: SPOILER ALERTS TO: Temple of Ikov, Desert Treasure, Tail of Two cats, Cult of Hazeel. I Belive from history, Zaros was a master of Darkness. His Mahrajjats included Lucien, Azzaranda and Zamorak. Zamorak uprised against Zaros. It is rumoured then that he reincarnated into a certain warrior that carried a longbow and battled the dragonkin. Then when this warrior fell in battle, he reincarnated into a certain cat which there are certain reasons for this to be true: 1. One conversation with this cat ends in: "Yes i know this cos im Z... err" (I aint had that chat with the certain cat yet so thats the jist of it.) 2. Talking with YOUR cat, you find that a Certain Darth Vader star wars dialouge opens up including getting revenge on Zamorak. This WOULD be Fine ultimate proof on the theory but then looking back at this certain warrior with the bow, then it would be considered he was an enemy to Zamorak too but its more likley that the Cat and Warrior are ZAROS'S incarnations, despite having not too many memories about it. 3. Cats are a grand ideolagy in Egypt and therefore the culture of Al Kharid. And people that have done the Tail of Two cats, Dont you think the Sphynx is a bit MORE cautious about the Cat? I Am about to go on the Desert Treasure and prove myself to Zaros, DESPITE ZAROS IS GOD OF DARKNESS, ZAMORAK INSIGHTS WAR AND CHAOS, THEREFORE MAKING HIM THE WORSE OF THE TWO. I SHALL MAKE MYSELF WORTHY OF ZAROS AND UNLOCK THE ANCIENTS... WITH THIS POWER, SYARYU SHALL FIGHT FOR BOTH SARADOMIN AND ZAROS WITH ONE PURPOSE... THE DESTRUCTION OF ZAMORAK!! ZAMORAK SHALL FALL!!!!! (This means i will be using Ice Magic defending Saradomins flag in the Name of Zaros against the weakling underlings that call themselves Zamorakians.) Anyway, to Answer your question. MOST DEFINATLEY! Infact, From Lucien and Hazeels responses... It appears we are to bare witness to the Second God wars soon... MUWHAHAHAHA!! (Afterall, Guthix only banned SARADOMIN and ZAMORAK from appearing in the plane of Gielnor... What of Zaros?) By the way, as you may of gathered from the Bold black speech, My favorite gods are SARADOMIN and ZAROS. I am an acclaimed Saradominist and also Worpship Zaros and the way of Ancient magicks. My first favorite was SARADOMIN but i also love the Darkness of Zaros which therefore makes me a warrior of both with ONE cause: THE DESTRUCTION OF THEIR ENEMY, ZAMORAK!! Now i would like to finish this long post with a question of my own, "Wouldent it be funny if Zaros returned and he THANKED?! Zamorak for his Mutiny??"
  2. This topic would only be removed IF there was one of the same matter already there at that time. And i cant see one at this point in time =; If it was a case of if this had to be removed cos it was the matter of a post in THE PAST. Then that would be very stupid cos posts eventually die and someoen might wanna talk about it again. This post will die eventually and then in a month or 2's time (NOT EVEN PROBABLY!) Will have the same kind of topic. (Afterall this is MY FIRST Tip.It Forum thread so cut me someslack, i had a good thing to talk about yesterday lol) Anyway, I also wanted to let you guys in on the Story of How my Runescape story ended... And Started again. that in the past when i was a Newb, I Died at Blue dragon in heros guild when i not only forgot to take Anti Dragon breath, but the Noobs on the other side of the gate Kept me closed in with the old door trick. Lost like Sara legs, G Sheild, Warrior helm, Ddp, D Mace, Obby Maul, Glory, Wealth, Sara CW Cape, Steel Boots. Well you get the idea. I quit the game after that with only a D Long, D B Axe and Sara plate left. (I made bow strings for a job... thats why i was nooby lol.) Anyway, 8 months later i logged back on to see how the game changed, an old mate talked to me and convinced me in getting back into Runescape. I spent time doing woodcutting training and the rest is Ancient History. Now i got over 20mil in items, Kick :-w Friends and 99 Woodcutting. Bottom Line, theres an' old saying "There must always be GOOD and BAD Things to keep balance." This can be in a day, a week or even as it would appear here, 8 months. If i didnt die back then and make my way back under hard work. I'd probably still be that Lv.75 newb makin bowstrings. The End.
  3. THIS IS MY THEORY OF THE AGES SO READ IT!!!!! Lets see, there was the Abyssal Whip (Melee) Then the Dark Bow (Range) But what about Mages??? My Theory is that Jagex will release a Staff to match the Dark Bow and Abyssal whip, THEREFORE... (YES MY THEORY GOES DEEPER OMFG!!!) 3 Powerful Weapons of Darkness... Does this mean there will Also be weapons of Light to Coenside with the 3 UBER Darkness weapons? TIME WILL TELL!! P.S. Steal my theory and YOU DIE!!! :boohoo: That is all.
  4. Ive seen baby and young implings around Falador, since my mate told me that he only found ONE Dragon impling in all of Puro-Puro, theres a chance there are some Dragon Implings around all of Runescape like Wilderness areas.
  5. Well, today i got a Slayer task of 114 hellhounds from Chaeldar. With Full dharoks, 99 WC Cape, Dragon gloves, Rune boots, Fury amulet, Ring of Wealth, Dragon Battle Axe, Abyssal Whip, Lunar Staff and Lobsters i went to do it. All was going well until at half hp in a fight... I LOST CONNECTION :ohnoes: For 5 minutes with offline internet i was anxious to get back on and start planning to make some of the things back... I logged on... and... I was still there with 10 Hp. :shock: After another 5 Mins of OMFG!!!! I escaped vowing not to Get tasks from Chaeldar again (Since my last time was almost 200 Trolls at lv.75...) Anyway, Do you have any stories of Deaths that could be related to the one i ALMOST had or any Near death experiences like mine?
  6. Things get nerfed most the time... (Barrechest Anchor got Buffed HAHA!!!)But that dosent mean there gonna take ALL its power away, this also helps decrease its value...ish. Anyway, all i know is when they reach 1-2mil im gonna get one. I mean i aint spending 5mil on a bow hehe unless its Crystal bow recharges.
  7. Its a nice idea, but as a Fan of Banks i think it is a good idae if, BANKS HAVE A SEARCH BAR. so if you outfit a search bar for items there thats a good idea too so you dont lose things. I like your idea though its cool.
  8. I like it now and then, like a Friday night i suppose. I go when i wanna level up in another way or for the fun of it.
  9. Depends really, i got loads of stuff that i use. But i mainly look like either of below: But if you want a Vague idea of what to expect, this is 9/10th of the stuff i use, i casually like to customize but i normally just wear my boots glove and cape... and ammy. Oh and for the guy above me, Thats a Holy Water potion i think used on The Black demon in Legends Quest.
  10. Well since i aint a magic maniac, I use Lunar armour and Air blast for magic, I have Crystal bow and Black d Hide for range although a Karils Crossbow i feel like having a serious run and for melee, i Have Whip D SQ Helmet of Neitiznot (Like a Serker with better defence and Prayer boost) and atm Sara Pl8 and Legs. But then i do have Veracs AND Dharoks <- New today :D (Updating Signature one day)
  11. Ok, YOU CANT GET REPORTED FOR THIS. Cos this is just a tactic in Staking, the idiotic sad noobs that threaten you about changing anything just dont know the moral DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. And dont worry if they threaten you. You can actually report them for Misuse of Customer suport but that would be openinig loads of scars so either way, NO i have never had this happen to me.
  12. My cats name is clearly visible in my signature... :!: For those that cant see it, hes called Vader.
  13. Hunter bows? I see the way hes trying to fool em but i recon the Dark bow looks more like a Seercull. hehe
  14. Well, its gotta be One Small Favour... more like One thousand small favors :wink:
  15. Woa.. good 73 at the end. (The last Special added together)
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