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  1. I really loved Rum deal (I love cat playing with ball picture) and Desert treasure
  2. I remember once I was selling 1k yew longs 600k I have no idea the other guy just put 600 coins and I just accept when I saw money I felt so bad...
  3. I don't like new one, you can't see the gloves...thats unfair :shame:
  4. thats so annoyting, they are in everywhere... and you can't teleport them now :wall: I'm in Shillo village, and there are 2 lvl 3...I was wondering how they bet the monsters of that quest?
  5. I still making 3k of stell bars 1250 more to go :-w still at Port Phasmatys
  6. once I lagged on barrows while was on tunnel and Dharok appear in front of me :ohnoes: I was at Lummy when I logged again :cry:
  7. Mournings end's part 2 I get a mad a lot of times there :wall:
  8. I do with DDS the clue and some energy potions and if I see a white point i just log out and go to other world
  9. Solihard


    You need to go at Duel Arena just get/buy a iron chain and the other staff When you arrive to Duel arena go to Ticket office (Building just North of the Duel Arena gate in Al-Kharid.) and make the EMOTE bow....done Uri will appear and tell you a weird thing and will give you a casket EDIT: if you need more help http://www.tip.it/runescape/index.php?p ... trails.htm
  10. last time I did a lvl 3 and I get: Rune Dagger 5 Purple sweets 35+ Nature runes 22 Cooked sharks
  11. Weild staff: Slayer staff Rune plate mystic black bottoms rune boots Dragon gloves 100+ rune arrows Legends cape Rune Defender Helm of Neizitor Inventory: Dragon Dagger Super Poison Full Black Magic shortbow 1 Prayer Potion Ectophial Food I use prayer only on Darok and Karil the other brothers i kill them without prayer I use prayer potion only if need it and my order are Dharok-Karil-Ahrim-Verac-Guthan-Torag
  12. My worst dead was while I played Barrows I Had to kill Dharok on tunnels...when i opened a door and he apear i just remember I start to kill him and then I had a lag...later when i log again i just saw myself at Fallador Lost: rune boots slayer staff lunar staff glory ammulet ring of life ectophial a lot of death 1+ and I don't remember more :-k
  13. I think that barrows... Another way is making long bows and make laws...I sell them and buy nature runes...so i high alch :thumbsup:
  14. Slayer Task plus Dragon Scimitar good experience per task (also hitpoints experience) \
  15. Favorites: 1. Hellhounds 2. Wall Beast 3. Dagannoths 4. Blue Dragons 5. Greater Demons Least...(i hate them...) 1. Desert Lizards (anything in desert) 2. Metal Dragons 3. Any which need leaf - broad arrows spear 4. Jellies 5. Infernal Mages (aaaaa -.- )
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