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  1. s u o m i=s u o m i jake=tezz (i think? unless there was something before tezz) jdelacroix=jdelacroix elvis=nintendo swe elias=back2pray allar=aasiwat almostlost was "richard o_O" a long time ago but there could be something before that chilly was sushidame i think everyone else, i haven't heard of them changing their names, but they could have I think Jake was Tezzer123 (not sure if the numbers are correct), and Chilly I think was Yo Sushi(?). They've been listed earlier in the thread but I have no idea where exactly.
  2. Thanks for both the submissions, Ren, I'll update this one as well and you'll be credited. :)
  3. Thanks for the submission, Kimberly, though the coordinate picture isn't in proper form, I'll update it and credit you. :)
  4. Thank you for your submission, though you image is not in the correct format to be used in the guide, I'll update it with a correct image and credit you in the guide. :)
  5. Happy birthday! :D

  6. First off thank you very much for your input, they're a great help to us crewbies. I'm 100% positive it can go to 4, as I've had it happen myself, but as Sy said it very well may be only above a certain floor. If anyone happens to figure that out, I'd be grateful to hear (with a picture would be helpful for verification, if possible), as I'm sure some of you that are actively doing Dominion Tower will find it before I get a break from homework long enough to experiment. Missed that bit when I was adding it in, but I do recall it restoring prayer as well, so I'll change that. If you happen to find any other things it ( i.e. restores reduced stats as you suggested, and/or summoning points) another post or PM to me would be wonderful. I'll double check if we have that information in there for sure, but that was one of the note we were going to list, and it possibly was just forgotten. As for the gloves and Dreadnip comments, I'll get someone else to take a look at them as I personally do not have those features unlocked. We'll certainly look at them though. Thank you again for your corrections.
  7. We already have this information, but thank you for posting it anyway. :)
  8. Thank you for your submission, this info has been added and you've been credited. :)
  9. He made it very clear that Green is not playing as she is 'supposed' to be playing. He pointed it out a dozen of times and there's not even need to say it as we all know maging in Bandos is not the most efficient way to play. I'm pretty sure Green will not alter her way of playing because of some people here on the forums are pointing out what she is doing 'wrong'. Good, she doesn't have to. I already love the comedy she supplies every once in a while. I just want some of you fanboys here to stop protecting her 'way of playing' when both you and her are wrong and have no valid points. Wrong about what, exactly? I understand the point you're trying to make, it seems out of place to see Green maging in Bandos and whatnot, and I agree that it's withing your 'rights' to poke a bit of fun at her if you want. I just don't get why you're going on about everyone being 'wrong' when there isn't even a 'right' way to play in the first place. Just because it's inefficient doesn't make it automatically the 'wrong' way of doing playing.
  10. Looks like an excellent month all around, some decent minor stuff as well as the hopefully amazing ROTM quest. Also, inb4 the exp lamps are physically huge rather than the exp rewards they give being large.
  11. Woah nostalgia gave me goosebumps. Nostalgia'd hard at that and the old RS theme. It almost made me shed a tear.
  12. The guide updated and you have been credited. Thank you for your contribution, ezeeipancake, they are always welcome. :)
  13. The trousers are actually obtained by reaching 300 total levels between the 6 characters, but thank you for the rest of the information. It's always helpful :)
  14. I like the idea, but as others have said, it's hard to see where it'd fit in in a practical manor. The main problem that I see is armor. Bare knuckled fighting might be cool if neither player is wearing anything, but throwing your fist into a guy's rune platebody isn't going to do much. I suppose they could always ignore that fact, as you can still damage with punches and kicks how they are now...but it just seems to me like something they'd want to take into consideration if they added such a considerable amount of content.
  15. Season is female. Just so you know. I agree with you on her being consistent, but as far as I know she doesn't really care too much about ranks, she just does what she feels like. Kind of like Kingduffy. I'd very much like to see her in the top 15 sometime. As for me, I'm not much for predicting. Watching them is easier than trying to be psychic.
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