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  1. Article on Bugs and Glitches Aww man you are missing the best ones!! Anybody remember the "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"? or the knife glitch (don't know too much about that one tbh)? I wish I still had pics but sadly they've been fried lol. And Jagex use to do these game wide messages when they banned somebody. Great Stuff!
  2. Its not a USB device that you plug into your computer from what I am reading on the main page. It would look like a usb device but only display a random password that you type in. Although I could be wrong. I don't know the 'techie' so if am wrong please correct me! I like the idea that you could purchase something physical at a rather cheap price that would keep your account safe. What I don't like is the inconvenience of it like the author said, having to pull it out of your pocket every time you want to log in. I would much rather have this as a safe guard if your account was, say, hacked or stolen. You could go grab your key ring from where ever you may be keeping it, and type in a code that this thing would provide thru some medium or another. It would prove that the account is in fact yours; jagex customer service could then take the necessary steps to recovering your account and putting it back into your hands. I don't like the fact that this device would be required to play runescape. It should only be used to keep your account safe.
  3. Neat! Although it would be a bit difficult to type...
  4. Awesome articles! I especially liked the skilling ease one although I will have to say that I am on the fence about these types of updates. I like the fact that they are taking out alot of clicking and me being a classic player I really do appreciate that but I don't want to make something like String x or whatever faster then clicking. That is where they will make the game necessarily easy. Just my 2 cents lol.
  5. CEO doesn't really do anything. I think this goes back to the title. I know I should have changed it since the question was geared more towards the change in the pattern of updates.
  6. Ah thats kindof where I messed up on the title I guess. I was trying to gear this towards the pattern of updates and not necessarily the new CEO. That being said, it does seem like he is pushing change and openness on jagex's part. (just like someone above this said! can't remember the name :cry: )
  7. Heyya! I'm probably beating the dead horse here with this question. I am sure its been asked 2000 times before but now we've gotten to see a change in pattern of the types of updates that are coming out. So far, most of the updates have been small and numerous with 10 or so small additions/changes that are geared toward fixing existing content instead of adding new stuff. If you had to ask me, I would say that they have struck a very nice balance between fixing old content and adding new content. So what do you think? Do you like the new update scheme or do you prefer the old one of focusing on the large updates? If this is in the wrong section I am really sorry :oops:. And I am not here atm (classes) (And I probably should have changed the title so something better lol). Hot topic??!?! Geez!
  8. I would personally use it on prayer but thats just me since I don't have too much money lol. (actually I've never had too much money... lol) anyway 9/10! Great job!!
  9. Oh and on the 3/10 rate because its too common. less than 65k people have 99 fletching i guess that would make it a 4/10 in your book but fletching is apparently not worth a rating on these boards. Oops!! :shame:
  10. 70k people didn't make the achievement any easier. 10/10! :thumbsup:
  11. 8/10 for the level 100/10 for posting each level :thumbsup:
  12. 9/10! :shock: but only cause you have just two!
  13. what!!!!! thats insanium in the cranium!!!!! 12 delicious muffins out of 10 delicious muffins. Dang I can't believe how lucky you are! My highest valued drop was a rune plate from a clue scroll :(
  14. It shoudl be dfs pker or barrows pker or rune pker. pure does not fit that description.
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