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  1. i apparently got reported for talking to my friend about baseball :-s the reporter told me my life was fake and i wish I had all that stuff so he reported me :-s rofl, i love noobs.
  2. oh and also made my brothers account name....Swagger G, pretty proud of that too :
  3. Very proud of mine...Ganja Greene :wink:
  4. i would like a few things changed in there. I gave you 16m not 15 :-w and i i think my donation definately earns a spot in the donation section. And fix all those little tweaks you have. Man you gotta keep yo sh*t on top bro. :notalk:
  5. @ Pasty - yeah sorry, i would merchant at night but thats probably like trying to play dodgeball blind #-o Sooo Hard. Yeah I have officially quit, it was fun while it lasted but summer is over and snowboarding is about to begin. Have things to do.
  6. @ Shotdown - done @Cabbage - You just want to wear it until next summer :shame: @ Slay - I'll probably still play whenever i can get a chance, just means life is before runescape so if i have NOTHING to do i will play, usually at night. @ Sophia - probably still stay members and just play at night. I think i'll high alch until 94 mage, so i can just sit in edge and talk when i do play.
  7. @Shotdown - I will try but i never even have time to play even an hour. I will let you down on all my secrets ingame :-$ @Jopie - I'm not quitting because I'm failing, it's just summer is over and now i have things to do like snowboard, go to gym, friends, school and all that. Not much time in between
  8. hmm, well trying to decide if im still going to play runescape or atleast my goal for a green. Never on anymore because of better things to do. Might just raise money for 99 herb and slowly go at that.
  9. bump, muh bad, havent really played for the past week. Have better things to do. :wink:
  10. i would go do god wars but im such a noob. Level 29 ftl.
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