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  1. Wowzers :shock: nice scams, i mean scims toast :roll: I'm caching up. by the time to get p2p i'll be your cmb :XD: .
  2. Good job Toast. You owned in f2p now you own in p2p. Jeez let me catch up pls? 10/10 \ Keep it up nub. EDIT: You are a moron.
  3. Nice guide, well known training spot for pures. Got 50 - 70 str there and 40 - 50 attack too. :thumbsup:
  4. Jeez are you gone yet :roll: lol Jay Kay Ammo come back soon nub.
  5. Dude, your a CRAZY staker. Very nice, keep it up. Oh yeah i rate 100/10 pls.
  6. Sorry i couldn't till the party. Congrats, 99 mage is one of my long term goals, it must be cool :) .
  7. Good job moose! Right now i'm working on geting all level above 10 besides def and slayer :o.
  8. upon request : Saru, you own me so much. Now don't make my eyes bleed :shock: !
  9. For the best mage bounse at 1 def without doing DT, blue wizzy robe top, zammy robes bottom and gnome hat. God cape after doing the mini game. And best ranged set up is:best chaps and vambs you can wear, leather body, ranger boots, coif. I hope I helped. If your f2p then i didn't really :|
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