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  1. It certainly sounds like a graphics issue rather than anything else (either drivers or hardware) Having said that, it could be worth updating your version of java: http://www.java.com/en/download/index.jsp Does it crash regardless of whether you set the renderer in the options to direct x / open gl / software?
  2. Glad it worked! Good luck with the rest of the quest - if you need any more help then feel free to PM me as it is still fresh in my mind.
  3. It's normal that you can't click the tree - it was like that when I did that part of the quest yesterday. It should have an option when you have selected 'Use' on your hatchet and you mouse over the tree. Try moving your cursor up and down to see if you have missed a bit. For what it's worth, I was using a rune hatchet. The only other advice that I can give is to look on Youtube to see if you can find a video of someone doing that part to see if there is anything that you have missed. Sorry I can't be any more help - good luck!
  4. I'm slightly confused by your post. Is there a tree lying there? If it is then right click a hatchet in your inventory (toolbelt doesn't work) and select 'use'. You should now be able to click on the tree. Do this multiple times until the log is boat shaped. Hope this helps :)
  5. I made a farming calculator (based upon Grimy's) that you may find to be of use. I have copied and pasted the post that I made on another forum: Original topic: http://s4.zetaboards.com/Nescio/topic/9888023/1/ Hope this helps. Jonathan
  6. I have also been having this problem over the past few days. It was working beforehand and all other tools (e.g. item search) seem to work - it's just the highscores that are broken.
  7. That's really good advice quyneax (as always from you :)) On my next run I am going to take extra prayer flasks so that I can do exactly that. Thanks!
  8. You don't need barrage by any means. I got to Jad this week using the Polypore staff's spell and only used 8 sharks in the process. Having said that, barrage would make things soooooo easy and would be especially useful for reducing damage when being teamed by multiple melee guys. My setup was as below: Ahrim's Hood Ahrim's Body Ahrim's Skirt Ganodermic Boots Ganodermic Gloves Seers Ring Polypore Staff Amulet of Glory Skillcape (fletch specifically since my mage cape looks awful with Ahrim's :P) Blessed shield (switched to this to use rejuvenate to heal) No aura as I can't afford any (vampirism would be ridiculously useful though) I didn't use prayer until Jad so just took 2 prayer flasks. I also had 2 extreme magic + 2 extreme defence flasks that I kept forgetting to use. The rest of my inventory was runes for blood barrage (which I didn't use), my shield as mentioned and then sharks. My stats are in my signature (most notably 77 def and 99 mage). (I still haven't beaten Jad yet though, need to working on my prayer switching whilst concentrating on other things...)
  9. Try this: http://www.grandexchangecentral.com/list.php?list=alc Hope it helps.
  10. Hey man - looks interesting. Just to say that your link doesn't work ;)
  11. Tansuo - that's a great link, thanks for posting
  12. Instancing means that everyone fights him in their own 'mini-world' i.e. everyone gets their own copy of him to fight. I have no idea about how the instancing works with Bandos but I that's the definition to get you started. HTH.
  13. You may find this very useful for fletching: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AldEhLOK6ejJdHQxaVVXS3VHb2J0YV9nZEtUMHR0Z2c#gid=0 I use grimy's spreadsheets all the time and find them to be reliable. He does have a cooking one too but it doesn't show xp/hr which you are after (only gp/xp) HTH.
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