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  1. I don't know about the whole 'full armor equipped strength bonus'. That would be unfair to the people who would prefer to use Dragon Chainmail.
  2. Support! This looks like a great idea! :thumbsup:
  3. Ignore button is your friend!!!
  4. ugh, one of my most hated bands ever. they mix good singing with throat splitting. I am a hardcore metal person( Children of Bodom FTW) but when they just mix two different kinds of metal together it just makes me want to rip off my arm so I hae something to throw at them OffTopic: first time I heard them I thought them were alex is on fire then I thought a lexis on fire
  5. Congrats man, you've just proved your a [wagon]! =D> Clapity clap. Not only did your post show that you can't understand emotions for [cabbage], you've made yourself look like one of those 'immature 8 year olds' top notch show. =D>
  6. elemyntal

    wrongly muted

    err. fail. so you said white people and got muted? isn't there a section for this crap
  7. I live in Calgary, and I refuse to go to COP but my cabin is about 1hr drive away and I chill there every weekend, and snowboard at nakiska every saturday, i f been snowboarding for about 6 yrs now im 14
  8. I hate to say this to you, but there can't be 1 mmorpg's out there. Can't because Jagex and blizzard are companies whos main goal is to make profit... i think it would be a monoply if there was just Blizzard so to keep there companies going they must borrow ideas so people keep playing the game, so it dosen't matter if they copy at all
  9. I hate to say it to you tip.it er, but you got owned by the grand exchange. I feel for your loss,The same thing happend to me but I lost 100k only though.
  10. yes, it's you who's stupid. for letting this get to you, one time I was trainin' in SoS when some guy with +20 combat on me calls me a 'no liver' when he has a higher level. But don't let it get to ya :D
  11. Oh,man I just ticks me off when I want to buy something, and people give you stuff like they can't read! I ask for 2000 coal at a decent price and I get low level people give me 10 coal and it's not even noted! so instead of taking a week to get 2000 coal i must buy from bots at unfair prices! when that happens on world 1, And I quote i go "GRAPHALPHONTSMER$$" out of annoyance.
  12. Yeah, i'm with you Lancer. At first I thought that was the graphics for the new game but it wasn't. It looked like gwd by the way. :-k
  13. My school does, next...err monday I go to Vancouver from Calgary on a marine biology trip for a week, were on a boat and it seems pretty big, and surprisingly im not nervous at all. (mind you, if your father has a yacht its not that hard getting comfortable) anyways, were going to ganges harbor and places around there. the only bad part is 12 hr bus trip omgwtfbbq do you have any week trips at your school?
  14. z0mg Def nub!!!!!1111!!!! Just kidding keep up the good work!11 :thumbsup:
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