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  1. Hi. Good luck on 99 Woodcutting. I might also try get it soon.
  2. Random events are alright, but getting about fifteen a day can get pretty annoying. The good thing about random events are that they might reward you with some good items like gems and runes. Prison Pete, Genie, Quiz Master, Pinball and Mr. Mordaut are some good general events that give XP, runes and gems. My most disliked events are Sandwich lady, Drunken Dwarf and Strange Boxes which usally give me useless items like food and 100gp. I think random events are not getting worse, Jagex just needs to change the rewards to something of higher value.
  3. Hi. Congratulations on 78 Woodcutting, keep up the work.
  4. Hey. Congratulations on your achieved goals and good luck on 99 Farming.
  5. My RuneScape name "Gumbo Stud" was randomly found. I wanted a name that a lot of people wouldn't had thought of. So I opened a dictionary and found two random words and I put them together, and thats how I got Gumbo Stud.
  6. Congratulations on 70 Smithing and good luck with your other goals. Nice drops and clues also.
  7. Hi. Good luck on your goals. Cool signature you have.
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