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  1. Leave room and let another monster attack u. Then go back and they should be aggressive.
  2. Could someone show me a good setup for a members 40 def range tank. My stats are: 40 attack 75 strength 40 def 85 range 31 pray 41 mage 77 hp.
  3. to be simply foolish? While I'm always a fan of a little foolishness, there's really no one you would amuse with this but yourself, no one else would know you only had 38 xp to go! He would be one of the closest to 99 on the highscores.
  4. Well pointless or not, what would you do with 6 mill when you arent playing for a long period of time...
  5. Say I was to quit rs for a couple years. Which item would be better to invest in, an Easter egg or Pumpkin? If you think they will both stay the same price, then feel free to tell me so lol.
  6. I M F O X Y is the only one that looks and sounds semi civilized lol. The offensive ones might get you banned. I don't really love any of the names that you suggested, but made my choice anyway.
  7. Very simple answer to what you are looking for. The best songs for pvp vids are those that haven't been used yet. It's sooo annoying when every pvp vid is either Linkin Park, BFMV, or Remember the name. Please use a unique song.
  8. Oh you are are right. For some reason i thought 132 was pvp :wall: Thnx for the help.
  9. I believe the fletching guild world was replaced by a pvp world. Does anyone know the new world?
  10. Try to play on server closest to your location. You might have some viruses which can slow you down. If you are running vista then some more ram might help with running the computer in general.
  11. Nice goals. As said before, very nice work done in only 3 days. Gl with this.
  12. Well written. Thanks for the guide. I'll be sure to gather up some friends and try this.
  13. Become a member and sell it. Other than that, you have no other options.
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