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  1. I'm pretty sure that its 87 on a range, and 90 on a fire, i think icecube was thinking of that they are not affected by cooking gauntlets
  2. Actually, JaGEx have said that the only way for them to raise the highest lvl possible would be to reset everyone's char, so if they raised it, you wouldn't see it for a while
  3. you see that little open space near the bottom? i think they're gonna put it there.
  4. I think its pretty good, I'd say 7/10. but if you really only get those hours, I'd say 10/10 (you did say like 4 hours a week didnt you?) If i were you, I would do rune mysteries, and mine some essence to start rune crafting, or air running in world 16 airs. very nice, but could do better. also, get some firemaking lvls. like wc some logs, then bank or burn. Gl with your future skiller! :thumbup: add me if you want =P
  5. [img=http://img128.imageshack.us/img128/3643/questcapepicturetv6.png] My outfit
  6. Ty for Th3 Ub3r 4\/\/$0m3 sig :thumbsup: :thumbsup: (Ty for The Uber Awsome sig :thumbsup: )
  7. 99 skill(s), and become a p-mod ( phr33 c00|{13$ pl0x! )
  8. theres 2 things i like about that pic, the 95 cooking part, and the banner. I think theres been way more than 999,999 visitors to runescape.com lol :lol:
  9. rofl, nice watermelon =D> the clan chat glitched 5-10min ago :ohnoes:
  10. scape classic, 'nuff said baroque pwns also...
  11. Support, I think it would make it much easier
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