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  1. 25.5 X .409 = 10,429.5 XP\hour. EW. Wicked, Just wicked. :o :shock: :? 8-) :lol: :-# :thumbsup: Its true :^o
  2. I has herd, that lesser demons, MAY or may not, drop tormented demons. \ :roll: :x :D :o :shock: :? 8-) :lol:
  3. Well, There are some cheap potions, that i may or may not know of. :D But a friend of mine is getting 99 herblore, Currently 96. And he's doing it the Mediumfast pace. He pays 8-9gp per exp.
  4. I heard it was something close to 12k exp/hour. :ohnoes:
  5. Amagad, where do i know you from. We have met eachother a few times ingame right? :ohnoes: :D
  6. Uhm, If you are buying one with the pure intention to lend it out. Not worth it. It's not like there is a BGS hype out there. :| And how much it is each hour, I would say like 5 hours 40k. :|
  7. I wouldnt say very very fast. I have done it, I found it rather slow tbh. :|
  8. I am 89 farming, And on a rather small budget. I will farm herbs every 80 Minute. (When im in the "mood" :|) What should i do with my 45M? If possible, to achieve 99 farming? :-#
  9. Ehh. 100 pots = 30 mins? Something is wrong. Very wrong. -.-
  10. I have fished barehand 99-20,5M exp, at sharks. And 85-99 at sharks with Harpoon. I find barehanded faster.
  11. I dont get it. Why would people pretend to be a runescape dad. Thread starter is obviously trying to. For an "old" man, that grammer is.. A tad awful. And he seems like a child to me.
  12. You're saying mage, then, since he needs to get at least 62 (with mage pot) or 66 (no pot) so that he can get into mage's guild for the quest. Monks are decent money and excellent experience, however. Wrong. There is nothing good with monks. Fishing in general is bad money. :(
  13. -.- *Dont mind the santa* Not another one of these threads. Soooo many of em. Whiners. :thumbdown:
  14. Its so unorganized i cant really see whats in there :? Only thing i saw of value was the bandos and cash. So out of that.. 7/10
  15. The picture is Old. Outdates.
  16. .. He's already done with the Quest. :shame: Actually, no I'm not. I missread the QP nr on your siggeh #-o
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