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  1. Im currently making bracelets for 99 crafting in Edgevill, and was wondering how many am i making an hour? At full focus. :)
  2. 10/10. Alot of hard work finally pays of. Now gloss in the heat of noobs. :thumbup: :D
  3. Gaining the materials in lets say, Crafting. Is vital for its training. Gaining the essence for runecrafting is only a little part of it. What about the people who have ran 10,000's of time through the abbys. Or down to the Air altar? Did they buy the skill? No. They did not have a option to buy 300-400k exp an hour. :wall:
  4. Fishing is a great skill, if you really enjoy it. I wouldnt recommend Monkfish though. Since the place is dun boring and dark. Shilo fly fishing, Sharks. Handfishing swordfish/tunas..
  5. Great stats. And the people above meaning RC is buyable. Try buying 2M pure essence and see if you hit 99. :
  6. Answers are in bold. Thanks. But the BoB is for taking it to the banker. With 12 tools I can cary 16 ores. My highest BoB can carry 18 items. The total would be 34 ores I could carry to the boatman, instead of 16. I figure this would let me be mining more than running to the boat every 16. You would also have to bring Summoning Pots. :ohnoes:
  7. Yeah, but they are a pain getting my hands on. :(
  8. If your lower than the fishing level needed, yes. But otherwise. NO.
  9. I might look into that. ;) Any other advices, ideas?
  10. :twss: Your post on the help & advice forum was what made me ask this question.
  11. Is this even possible? In somewhat fast pace? :shame:
  12. You should have melees in the mid 80's. Aswell as a high crush weapon. Dont expect to get more than 25-30 kills per run. -.-
  14. Maybe because of the Magic beeing released? Who knows. :ugeek:
  15. Im sure your richer than Hugh heffner! :o Dont.
  16. Wow, This is .. Weird. No posts. -.- :-#
  17. I quote from your signature. "Is it sad that i think alot of people in RS2 would have never survived in RS1?" :roll:
  18. Are you trying to help me or what? The only thing I got out of this was "ulti you're a noob.. go screw yourself".. IDK I guess I read between the lines wrong? :oops: No, I am not trying to make fun of you. #-o But im pretty sure that without collecting seconds, or farming the herbs yourself. It is not possible. :cry: Edit, Also. With my 45M +/- I could not get 82-99.
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