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  1. Hobgoblins and ice warriors used to drop laws very easily, also could try barbarians
  2. I did the snakes for the hides, those beasts for the charms, wyres for their copses, lumberjack for the clothing. I used to check each fork, and do the one I liked the sound of out of the 3. I found even if you leveled a little slower doing the easier ones you are still leveling it. Why make life harder on yourself by just doing the horrible ones just cuz it levels you faster. You will be doing this mini game for a decent time if you want it for the diaries, might as well enjoy it as much as you can.
  3. I harvested but dropped- was I meant to craft also? If so thank you :)
  4. Decided to get some of these out of the way. Today it was medium beat mode ; "M2 I want it All - Gain the Beast Mode title on a complexity 6 floor solo." I woodcutted,divined,fished and mined all. I dropped the resources - should I have smithed/worked the resources as well? I also ignored the farming patch and didn't cook- should I have done this also? Also any advice for these diaries? They seem a lot more annoying to do than the other ones (falador etc) Thank you for your time
  5. YUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs This. This so much. Also, Rats for Lumbridge guard duty let's go! L You know spiders are better Click through seems to be glitched though. It seems when I click through the tabs to change between "all" and "clan" it makes me move instead. Just not helpful when trying to keep track of different chats like friends and clan.
  6. Not sure whether its my browser of a problem my end. If I search (google tip.it ) using chrome nothing works, nothing loads. I can use everything else (buttons left side guides and such) is working fine for me. All I get it the logo, and above and below it "loading" the rest of the screen is blank, with the copyright showing about a inch below the top of the screen. But I tried it in IE and the search worked fine. I cannot use the search function at all in chrome
  7. its the set up, I have been getting it on opengl, had to change to software. Only happened since halloweens update for me.
  8. Herblore habitat: http://www.tip.it/runescape/index.php?page=herblore_habitat.htm
  9. I would class myself as old player, but not really a famous one. Do have my 10 year cape, but back in those days I was such a noob it took me a month to find varrock again after I wandered out of there! Nice to see old players post again though :-)
  10. For me its the citadel that crashes my game, entering and leaving. It either black screens, and the client stops responding, or it loads to 50% and hangs. It can take me 3 attempts at times to enter the del- most annoying.
  11. This worked for me- managed to change it. Thank you (hope it works for your friend too HexiledRazz)
  12. I have had this exact problem on my alt. I am still awaiting a response off Jagex to see what they suggest doing. I did ask on forums and was told to try a recover, but it doesn't let you change your email on it, only the pass. I suggest emailing like I did, then waiting 3 weeks for a incorrect answer (that's all I seem to get out of them when they do email me back)
  13. See my settings are down as far as they can go - and it doesn't seem to make much diff on the worlds I use (mainly 60 and 84) I still get lag/low FPS there even on 60. The lag there on 84 I am not surprised about as it is understandable for the loading, and the amount of players there, but I shouldn't get it on the quieter worlds too. Apart from boycotting the area I dunno what else I can do right now.
  14. This laptop I use to play RS runs it fine in medium/high detail except for LRC. I also get the odd lag in edge but its not as bad as LRC I am unable to even run it at that place in low detail. Deosn't matter what world I use- still the same. FPS is down to 5 there, sometime less when running to the bank Any idea on what to do to improve lag/FPS? ATM I am using Dirext x on min settings there, Pc specs: Intel ® pentium ® cpu p6100 @ 2.00ghz 2.00 4 gig ram No idea whose those specs mean- just copied it from system specs :mrgreen:
  15. Personally I use 10 urns and a minion. I find that the urns last the whole timer, only a quick trip to go to edge bank and come back with supplies
  16. And add one for being a bus driver too :thumbsup:
  17. Whereabouts is the email system found? Cos I tried recovering an account a while ago using recovery questions etc and it didn't work. http://services.runescape.com/m=rswiki/en/Contact_Us Under "help accessing your account" email I used :[email protected]
  18. I recently lost my account, and to verify I was the owner I used their email system. Its a ALOT slower than the recovery system, but at least a human looks at it. You can find the address on their site
  19. Have burnt 240 ish corpses- maybe max out on these? I shall definitely take armour with me instead of the myreditch clothing- thanks for that, I thought it was necessary to wear it during fight. Was intending to use pole arm to fight with, would be better to use the other weapon then? I don't think I even managed to encounter the special attacks before dying tbh, I think I shall go back there 3 item and check him out properly. Thank you for the advice people, appreciated
  20. Ok what I need to know is what can I use for the highest healing possibilty for one inventory space. Is it sara brews? I was questing yesterday with rocktails and died drastically due to lack of food. So I was wondering what else I could take to help me (Doing branches of dark meyer quest- end boss) Something that could help me, I am hopeless at prayer changing so also which prayer would be best for it to stay on. Going to take a tort to help heal-probably rocktails, was using overload, not got access to the other prayers yet, and was using the clothing that you get in the quest when fighting. Any advice people can give me would be greatly appreciated. Nothing that requires alot of clicking though if possible, I have slow clicking/mouse movements due to disability. Thanks Sluggy
  21. For me it depends on what I am doing. Sometimes when you try and but the things you want on GE you find no one is selling. Then I have no choice but to get it myself (summer pies for me atm are not selling, so I had to make my own yesterday) I find it self satisfying knowing I did it myself. I play for fun and diy is fun for me. I care about xp gains at times, but 95% its fun driven for the game. When it stops being fun, then there is no point in playing. If you find that buying the stuff you want is what floats yr boat that fine with me. Its a personal choice- and after all thats one of the things that makes us human, not copying everyone else, and being unique.
  22. Wait a few mins then try again Merc Was nice to catch up with some of the reg chatter in there yesterday :thumbsup:
  23. Ok tried buying the sacred oil to burn shades with, but with the demand of others also wanting to complete diary they are scarce- so I thought I would make my own. Is there a dedicated world that will actually have people playing this mini game? Although i'm 99 craft i'd be willing to do this again for the oil
  24. Ok may sound like a stupid question, but where do I get the legs reward from. Tried the npc in port p pub, and he won't give them to me. Completed all except elite so far, I want my legs :pray:
  25. Not that keen on the sausage meat unless it has chutney/pickle with it. But I tend to have it with a picnic kind of meal. Shove them and other finger foods on plates and allow people to eat with fingers (as instead of cutlery)
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