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  1. Isn't Dali the melting clocks guy?
  2. Princess Viola


    I picked up Personal Trainer: Cooking for 99 cents at GameStop today because I want to learn to cook more than just scrambled eggs and instant ramen and I applied for a part-time job at McDonald's.
  3. Honestly, I'm not speaking for anyone else, but I wish the Gertrude's Cat quest would be made F2P. If I recall correctly, all the areas you need to go for that quest are already in F2P areas, so why not? Also I want to have a pet cat in game and I don't feel like paying membership just to get a cat
  4. I have the Tower mindspike set to the air element, that will work basically the same right?
  5. Is it normal for this game to still be active after all this time?
  6. what would be the best way for me to train mage as a free player? i currently got level 17 magic i believe and most of that was from experience rewards from quests, miniquests, and xp lamps and such im not good with this whole evolution of combat thing still
  7. I don't even remember the last game I bought (Shin Megami Tensei IV at launch I think), but I've been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf a lot lately. But I have to be careful cause part of my 3DS hinge snapped and I don't wanna risk it breaking in two.
  8. I got four warning points. All from 3 years ago when I was a dumb 14 year old who thought making lol edgy and racist jokes was cool.
  9. Back in 2006 one of my friends in 5th grade asked me if I played this game called "RuneScape" and I said no but decided to check it out and started playing.
  10. I last watched Ringu. It was enjoyable, but I think I preferred the book more.
  11. Sorry, I'm just picturing that guy in the video coming out and walking towards you.
  12. I just got Super Mario Galaxy, No More Heroes, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days preowned at GameStop. Paid full price for Galaxy and Kingdom Hearts, NMH was free because of that deal. (Also why the [bleep] is Brawl $44.99 preowned?)
  13. Princess Viola


    My fifth period class won a pizza party for the Harvest Drive. Best part? We didn't even donate any cans.
  14. Princess Viola


    Calm down, H2PM. No need to be so blue. You can do better.
  15. Princess Viola


    Today I found out the Westboro Baptist Church is going to protest at my school on the 8th.
  16. I mean, I spent a week in a [bleep]ing psyche-hospital. [bleep] them. They can't help me.
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