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  1. banned because my friend is muted... lol :XD:
  2. close, i would be if summoning didnt exist...
  3. wish i could see the Sig, But this school blocks it... I cant even see my own sig -.-
  4. kick a cat, they keep dumping on my back garden -.- WYR get sucked up by a tornado, or die in the Desert?
  5. DONE: you are given a dacshund (those long dogs :\) which is covred in petrol and then set on fire... WISH: Real life wasnt so boring
  6. banned for having a huge ( but good) siggy.
  7. all of them have green stalks, so i dont think so wasps do not have a purpose
  8. If i Had to choose out of any powers, it'd be the ability to alter atomic structure. It'd be funny, Because i could make someone radioactive by giving them some more neutrons LOL.
  9. done, you get your apple, but it was stolen by a shinigami baboon i wish my internetz r not has t3h phailz
  10. done, you get your flying shruiken but you have no idea what it does or what its for i wish i had a better graphics card for my home PC...
  11. what i did was chain dustias in the westersand and get loads of exp. you can chain the nam-yenesas and they give good xp, just be caferul to not get followed by too many of them or you can say hi to the game over screen...
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