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  1. Mileage on a car is very important when factoring in cost. Checking under the car for rust and rubber for decay is always good. Anything that looks wrong, probably is if you don't know too much about cars. I bought a VW Jetta that's also an '02 a couple months ago and it was about three times that price but that's because it was in good shape and had low mileage. Running the VIN through carfax is a pretty good idea if you're actually interested in buying it but you should actually see the car beforehand because running carfax does cost money. Like others said, bringing a mechanic along or a friend that knows cars is never a bad idea. Also you should shop around and not buy the first car you find, I just went through this whole process and I'm glad I waited until I found a car that I loved rather than settling. Good luck!
  2. That was me Sophomore year of high school, then Junior year came around and for some reason everything changed, I don't think it was conscious but maybe just some change of attitude, I don't know. But Junior year I would go out on Fridays after school, be out all of Saturday and often times a good bit of Sunday. That's how I am now in my Senior year of high school and I love it, I love hanging out with my friends and my girlfriend. Sure, I decline some invites to just have some down time but I won't stay in the whole night. Can't really help cause I don't know how it happened but I'd say just put yourself out there and go out if you're invited out. Even if you're in a bad mood, staying at home has never helped that for me, being with friends has.
  3. Thanks to this thread I'm currently boiling water for my pseudo-ramen noodles. I've only had the chicken flavor but maybe I'll get adventurous one day. To those dissing all the sodium in them, you can just skip the broth and eat the noodles only. That's not what I do because I couldn't give less of a damn but I've got a couple health conscious friends who do it.
  4. Can't talk about hunting? Pfft. I've shot 10, 12, 16, and 20 gauge shotguns. Own a 12 and 20, the 16 one I shot was from WWII which is awesome. Own two .33s and two .22s, getting hunting license in a couple weeks for bow, shotgun and rifle. Only 16 so that's good so far I suppose.
  5. Stumbleupon Weatherbug Personas, really cool skins. I've tried a bunch of others but eh.
  6. Hulu probably, comes out a week after the episode premiered I think. Just saw the sneak peak, and as much as I like the show...it really just seems like the same stuff all over again. It's too predictable, kind of always was.
  7. Baconxl


    I got my braces off ([bleep] yes) it's awesome but feels odd. Yesterday I got my learners permit and I'm not a terrible driver which is good.
  8. I only restart for updates or if I'll be gone for a week or two. I do put it in standby every night though.
  9. Both of those look good, leaning more towards the fatality one though. Also got my eyes on this logitech headset that is really expensive but quite nice.
  10. Kind of impossible to answer considering in modern society we've grown up being taught that slavery is evil so you can't see it any other way. It depends on if it was ever made illegal or not. If it wasn't made illegal then the families of most people saying they wouldn't own one probably would. Also I think the laws influence people's morals as well so both would be different if it wasn't made illegal. So growing up in this society I'd have to say no.
  11. I'll use it for gaming (TF2) pretty much exclusively and would like a balance between price, function, and comfort. Any suggestions?
  12. So was it dead or are blood tests just not awesome enough?
  13. "Whenever I think about hanging out with you I throw up." I'm not so sure about telling her though, not much of a reason to. The feeling will eventually pass.
  14. So because you're not an adult we should believe you when you say underage drinking is harmless? Teens have proved time and again that a lot of them haven't been able to use it responsibly. A kid who went to my high school died at a party because he got into an argument with another student and it escalated to it getting physical. The kid fell and hit his head and of course everyone was too drunk to call the police so he was left there to die. Yeah, underage drinking is harmless.
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