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  1. If I want to train prayer as well, are ice giants still the best?
  2. Very few people know what a parochial apostrophe is, and they are used in very few situations.
  3. In f2p, this might not be too bad a money-making method, but why bother giving leveling advice until 60? It makes more sense to either make it a full mining guide, or just tell people to pick up ores dropped by bots.
  4. Rocktails are good for profit. Barbarian fishing or powerfishing in shilo would be better exp options.
  5. There's a debate about whether using nature staff or fire staff for superheating saves more. What do you guys have to say? Also, wouldn't the coal bag only be used if i superheated while mining? Plus, is there any fast way of magic training that involves combat spells? If not, then I'm not gonna get the necklace
  6. Hi. I was wondering if any of the f2p dungeoneering rewards are useful. I do not plan to do any pvp. For easy reference, here's the list: -Gem bag -arcane pulse necklace -coal bag -longbow sight -gravite longsword/rapier/bow/staff/2h -law/nature staff -tome of frost -arcane blast necklace
  7. it depends on my mood and whether it seems fun to me at the time. Since I'm quite poor i try hard to be as self-sufficient as possible
  8. The f2pers aren't using fullscreen. They are using a resizeable window which gets pretty close to fullscreen.
  9. in f2p you can put down things like crafting by-products (gold rings, leather items etc.)
  10. when u go to a clothes shop and ask where they keep the rune armor when u r tired in PE class u say " Hold on, I need to drink an energy potion." when u kill cows and wonder why the farmer is calling the police when u say that u dont need a plane u can just telly there
  11. I remember when you made a new character on RSC, you could choose the class.
  12. fish in lumbridge, then cook on the range near the cook then bank them and use for training combat or sell them.
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