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  1. I've been recently hacked, by a guy. :wall: I knew this was wrong, and foolish. :cry: Now wut should I do?
  2. Canceled. Noone came :shock: Oh well, it wasnt that convincing. :wall:
  3. Yeah.... #-o Maybe we'll go Clan Wars after. I mite need one more person to be the other clan. Any volunteers? :|
  4. Yeah...about the time zones... :roll: I'm not good at sorting out time zones. :( I'll do my best to try to sort it out. Soooo yeah. And its F2P. =D>
  5. My 1337 Total Lvl Party!! Guess wat :?: Im getting 1337 Total Lvl, and where would I without hosting a party? :D Date:Thursday 21st August 2008 Time: GMT+12 11:00pm World: 49 F2P (New Zealand) Location: Edgeville Yew Trees. Event after: Clan Wars,same world. Time Zones: -EST:6:00am -CST:6:00am -MST:4:00am -PST:4:00am RSN: Medead0 Contact info: Pm me or chat to me in "forsakenmage"'s clan Be there or be SQUARE!
  6. Is there a Tip.It Official Clan Chat? :shock: I like to talk to some on the Tip.it'ers while playing on Rs. : So?
  7. Agreed. I make at least 1m a day, Because I make money realll slow. Using the G.E. 7.1m now ^_^
  8. Wootness :!: :!: I hope im coming.. :pray: TIP.IT FTW!!
  9. Yeah... sorry bout the mistakes. :wall: This WAS my first time writing a guide so I didnt proof-read.
  10. If you've done Between a Rock,this is guide is very helpful. First,go to a bank and get out your Ring of Charos (a) .Then goto the place where you start the quest.Dont forget your Gold Helmet.Then mine about 200-1000. Then when you bank dont run all the way back. Instead you talk to the Dwarven Boatman,opposite the path the the Quest Start point. Then you talk to him select the charm option (if you dont see any,you dont have your Ring of Charos (a) on). You'll lose only 1/8 of your gold ores mine and u get the rest banked. Sounds expensive but it works for me :D For Non-Members: The Crafting Guild,Dwarven Mines or West of the Rimmington House Portal. Mine at least 200-1000 as much as you like. <..The Profits..> 200 Gold Ores sold at the Grand Exchange around 500gp each = About 100k. :o 1000 Gold sold at the Grand Exchange around 500gp each = About 1m. :shock: Found this out when I finished Between a Rock Quest. This is my first time making a Money Making guide so I didnt add Pics. :ohnoes:
  11. NEato blog. :thumbsup: Really awesome. \ Gotta love farming eh? =D>
  12. Well finally Jagex put their Shop to good use. :roll: Been there for the last,I think 4-5 years,and all was in there was a stinkin poster. :lol: A very good job. =D> =D>
  13. Awwwww shoot.. Sorry cant come. Wont be awake cause my time will be in the morning.. Your Time=6:30pm. My Time=6:30am. Really sorry. :( :( :cry:
  14. I'll try come. Havent been to any parties or events lately... :shock: Oh well,hope this one will be a blast! :thumbsup:
  15. NEato.. Always wanted to know how to get an avatar :thumbsup: Thanks,ur a REAL help!! =D> =D>
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