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  1. It seems like the Farming Xp Calculator is missing an option for Wishing Well Bushes. This is the same for the Farming Planner also.
  2. Apparently the lucky version of the Saradomin Sword flips around compared to the normal. How strange.
  3. I'm constantly disconnecting from the game at the moment. I'm not even sure if its me or something else.
  4. http://i.imgur.com/tqdCDsG.gif
  5. I'm planning to mage/range, what spell is recommended at Nex?
  6. Kinda agree the rewards is mostly a bunch of junk (250k Barberry Seeds, really?), but I only plant them for that triskellion key piece.
  7. Or visit someone else's house. I'm sure those who open altars in Yanille have an armour stand.
  8. Extra month of membership, for giving my 8m Bond away? Fair enuf.
  9. I was reading on the RSWiki and how people labelled Bandos Chestplate as a 'power' armour. Although I know that the Bandos Chestplate has less armour and life point bonus that Verac's Brassard (what I'm using at the moment) , in what situations would you use 'power' armour and 'regular' armour?
  10. I'm starting to enjoy this 'cutscene' :D
  11. My first Visage. After 5 long years. I'm quite satisfied now.
  12. I think the items are still tradeable. I've got a few that I'm willing to get rid of for a resonable price :3
  13. Great crossword. I hope we get a much harder one next week :D
  14. I'll get some images within 8 hours. School's starting as we speak :P But yeah, I really appreciated your guys help :)
  15. Yeah, the ship upgrades are quite expensive. The problem here is the better upgrades require gunpowder, which I struggle on voyages rewarding me gunpowder. Instead, I lost gunpowder on failed voyages -.-
  16. What is considered 'skull leveled' crew? I have 2 golems with one mainly combat and the other a balanced mix of combat/morale. The rest of my crew, I've been aiming for specific stats (Varrock Chefs for Morale, Brimhaven Pirates/Eastern Musketeers for Combat and Eastern Guide/Overseer for Seafaring) but its those voyages that require you both or all high-leveled stats that I can't do.
  17. I've just recently returned to members after, 6 months and just begun doing my Player Owned Ports. It looks a hella fun which I've begun to strive for Tetsu Armour. Problem is, the Skull Region requires a very high stats (4000+ Seafaring, 6000+ Combat) and my ship and crew can't handle that. I get a maximum of 28% success rate which I know is taken from the lowest stat in the voyage. Should I concentrate on the Arc Region to level up my crew and horde as much Bamboo/Chimes? Or am I doing something wrong here.
  18. 2 weeks holidays. Managed to finish Evangelion, K-On! and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I'm quite sleep deprived :-|
  19. After retiring before the EOC update, I somehow find myself returning to this game. With utterly nothing in the bank except for a set of Rune, 2m cash and a chaotic rapier/longsword, any ideas how to make some easy cash? I hear everything's much simpler but it also means a lot of things made redundant. I might farm Clue Scrolls again, if the items are still worth something :3
  20. Hm, I see. Its a shame I live in New Zealand (All the way at the bottom of the world; hardly anyone knows where New Zealand is. Or what it is) and sites like Funimation are quite restricted down here. I would use Toonami, but I would have to have to pay extra a month for it in the form of satellite. I did used to download heavily all sorts of anime and 'shared' them with my friends. But with the fear of being caught, file-sharing sites countering piracy, and lack of space on my hard drives, I've stopped so how. I've been managing my anime through random sites like Crunchyroll and AnimeFushigi which eats a bit of my bandwidth but just enough that I don't end up on dial up.
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