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  1. Gratz, shes going to do a fantastic job! :thumbsup:
  2. Dem corrupted player moderators. Hope I don't turn into like that <_<
  3. That just made my morning more epic that ever. Can that video get any better than that?
  4. Graphical Update came out with ROTM. Zilyana got updated as well.
  5. [spoiler=Large Image] This might knock me down a notch, planning to sell Rangers for teh lulz :mad:
  6. Taken from Runescape's Twitter Page: Seriously, I have no idea... :mellow:
  7. Yeah, hes not that smart. I mean, hes bug abusing, but hasn't filtered out his name. :mellow:
  8. Looks like Sir Tiffy Cashien is gonna kick some old-fashioned Lucien butt. I hope we get Acolyte <3:
  9. 1.8 been alot of fun. Heres a tip for Endermen if you haven't noticed:
  10. Looks like it. I just hope Jagex doesn't troll us with a "no update week" and watch everyone go mad :???:
  11. If you use a Necromancer Kit on the Dagon'hai Robes to convert them into Necromancer Robes, can you change them back?
  12. Awesome work, jjjon123! Love your little segment about the TET. :thumbsup: Gratz to the honorable mentions and 2nd/3rd place! :thumbup:
  13. Oh noes. Bonus Xp Weekend happens between my Mock Exams :x As well as everything is gonna sky-rocket. Going to be hard to get supplies :-(
  14. Anyone know when this appeared? Weird statue west of Cooking Guild, with no examine :|
  15. Lumbridge Forest I think. With the well, and you can just see the east entrance to Lumbridge Castle.
  16. Loved it. But maybe the breathing was a bit too much for me. And the ending was very amusing. As expected from your work :thumbup:
  17. After my friend getting hacked, when I trust-lended him my Full Bandos and losing it, I was pretty mad. This this came: [spoiler=Dun get mad] Number 3 bro.
  18. Mmmmmm Temple Trekking update. Me like. :thumbup:
  19. Speaking of Mutated Jadinkos, I just got assigned 204 of them. Been killing the Male ones, and its quite difficult. Already died once from them hitting over 300s. I'm think of blocking them, but they give so much slayer xp (308 slayer xp per kill)
  20. Firemaking at the Jadinko Lair, good xp? I'm think of training there. :/
  21. Favour Points are like rewards earned in the Jadinko Lair. Just east of the Jadinko Queen, there is an Offering Table. You claim your rewards from there, and you can get special fruit, Herblore Habitat Seeds and Teleports or a mixture of both. The Runescape Manuel should specify what the different special fruit can give: http://www.runescape.com/kbase/guid/jadinko_lair In my opinion, I don't think the mutated jadinko babies are worth killing as their slayer xp isn't that much, and their drops are quite terrible. <_<
  22. This reminds me of Golden Sun, with all the elemental towers and where you light their beacons. Love that game <3:
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