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  1. Hunting for Medium Clue Scrolls probably. I do that all the time. :shades:
  2. Dat Necromancer Kits. I hear Gold Keys are very rare. I've spent nearly 2 hours at Shades of Mort'ton and only gotten one gold key. <_<
  3. Tif name: Neos_Matrix Runescape Name: ElricEdward Picture: Url: http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/9374/tipitpic2012.png
  4. *facepalm* It was so obvious. Oh well, I'll get my picture uploaded later tonight, just need a unique outfit..
  5. I can distinguish every your wearing except the Head slot.
  6. I really must say. Shes probably like the Nomad version for skillers. Lots of running around and avoiding things.
  7. Just a heads up. I managed to find a safespot in one of the Barrows Brothers tomb. I'm not going to say which, as it will cause slight chaos. I've already sent a bug report to Jagex about this. ;-)
  8. You also don't need to bring a spade in the inventory. Just have one in your toolbelt, and click the 'Dig-with Spades' option at top of the mounds.
  9. Some more pictures about that strange Occult Floor: (Lots of pictures, open with cautious) [spoiler=The Occult Floor] ^ Room south of the Starting Room. ^ The starting room. ^ West of the first picture. Couldn't see any further. ^ South of the previous picture. [spoiler=Other maps found nearby] ^ Oo'glog east of the map where you fight Sigmund (At the end of 'Another Slice of H.A.M' quest; notice the dwarves. They we're waving. Like at the end of 'As A First Resort....' ^ Before 'Another Slice of H.A.M' on the right, After 'Another Slice of H.A.M' on the left ^ Sigmund's Battle Map south-east of the tunnel when starting 'Another Slice of H.A.M
  10. My friend had been doing some quests, and managed to snip this: In the building of the tracks between Dorgesh-Kaan and Keldagrim, theres a Occult Dungeonering Floor. Shall I ask my friend to investigate?
  11. Jagex making hiscores P2P only is the first step. Then they might do something stupid like take away Pking from F2P. Such madness. :3
  12. What madness is this? I have 5 exams coming up and then this? Why Jagex so mean to me? :evil:
  13. Well, I could never lie. He knows me. I'm a very truthful person, and will never lie to get ahead. Just today, he managed to convince me to give him another 10m and Bandos Tassets. Next minute, duel arena staking, lost it all. Hes now asking me for more. Fyi, that was my whole entire bank. <_< Just managed to flame his ass, telling him that I'm quitting and nothing you say will make me comeback. Instead, I'll just block him and continue my RS Career. Dont wanna retire early :-)
  14. I'm starting to hate my Rs Friends. They're pestering me to give them Rs Money so they can "make more". I can't ignore them though. They know where I live so they will come directly to me irl which I dont intend to happen. Last time I ignored them (by refusing to give them 1m) they got around 20 people to hate me and do various things to me at school. I wasn't impressed then. Its nearly exams time, and everyone's studying really hard, but since hes in the "lower classes", he doesnt have any exams so hes pestering me at the most important time of the year. I felt I had to get this out. Your opinions/remarks/comments will be considered.
  15. I really hope thats a Dragon Kiteshield. If I found out that was a square, I'm gonna be disappointed.
  16. Gratz on becoming Website Crewbie <3

  17. Just watch the first 2 episodes of this. I can't believe I actually liked it. I just can't freakin believe it. Might stop this, for now. I'll probably watch some more after I finish my exams next month. :shades:
  18. Welll, this is a different approach. Lets hope Jagex doesn't fail. *goes onto some Botting Forums* Well, looks like they're not going down without a fight. RIP Bots. :thumbup:
  19. Just last night, my Logitech M215 Wireless Mouse was working fine. Then, I accidentally spilled some ear drop solution onto my desk, and some entered between the left and right mouse clickers. Since then, my mouse hasn't been able to select anything. Its able to move, but when its in the desktop, it can't select anything. Its been 14 hours since that incident, and I fear it might have contaminated the chips inside. Is there any way to fix this? Ps: The ear drop solution is made of 0.5% docusate sodium.
  20. Thats some very nice effigies and DKS loot. I like. :thumbup:
  21. Gf Australia. You put up a good fight. New Zealand vs France, round two.
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