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  1. I used Jadinko Lair with Flame Gloves, Ring of Fire and Pyrelord Familiar. I'm not sure if the pyrelord effect still stack with the flame gloves + ring of fire.
  2. I've spent the last week or so, burning fiyr corpses for Gold Keys which in return reward me with Necromancer Kits. So far, I have spent just over 6m buying Magic Pyre Logs and Fiyr Corpses since I didn't have time to get the necessary resources. On the first day, I managed to get 2 out of the 3 Necromancer Kits needed which was pleasing. The next 6 days, was chaotic. I instead received unnecessary equipment and armor which included several black platebodies. Frankly, yes, I may be stupid for spend a large amount of cash just to get a rare item for cosmetic reasons. But, I have reasons for wanting this. I keep thinking that the chances of getting the necromancer kits were somehow altered or my luck was just terrible. (Yes, I was using Morytania Legs 4 to improve chances of better keys when burning corpses, and Ring of Wealth to improve rewards from chests) Since my membership is ending tonight, I managed to burn another 100 fiyr corpses. No sign of necromancer kit either. Until my next membership....
  3. Glad they pointed this out. No more stressing out and preparing for this.
  4. I was reading through the quest, and had gotten to the point where Philipe is required to have the wine and a disguise. The quest guide however does not mention where to find the disguise, which is a dress searched from the wardrobe in Sarsaparilla's room.
  5. Got a feeling this will turn into something similar to Facebook. :mellow: Other than that, excellent.
  6. I've decided to get 99 Fletching in my school holidays. At the moment, I've been making Yew Longbows and I doubt that I can get 99 Fletching before my holiday ends (Which is the same amount of time membership has remaining). I have heard that Broad Arrows are the way to go for 99 Fletching, and the xp rates some have told me vary around 600-800k per hour. They've also notified me that it costs around 8m/h while doing this method. Is this a viable Fletching method, and how much should I expect to spend from 92 Fletching?
  7. Stayed up past my bedtime for this? Might as well check back in the morning. Terrific.
  8. A perfect date. And so excited with the return of the MSSW (In this case, Iron Armour instead of Steel). Tip.It shall prevail! :thumbup:
  9. I assume this is Scorpion Meat from the Dominion Tower?
  10. I suspect the map is made to be seen upside-down.
  11. Yelps is the official RS Mascot. How reassuring.
  12. Edit, posted something that was already posted. Something on topic soon.
  13. After 2 years of procrasinating, I finally got it. Next up: Cooking/Fletching (Noob Skill :thumbup: )
  14. I've decided to try Zammy once more, and this time, decided to tank out Kril to avoid his prayer-crushing attack. When I say ' tank out Kril ', I mean Full Bandos and praying Mage. But will he crush through my prayer?
  15. Well, its nearly been 24 hours since my Runescape crashed all of a sudden. I've restarted my computer, system restored my computer to an earlier time, reinstalled Java and the Runescape client but nothing seems to be working. When I load up my Runescape Client on the desktop, it loads for a few seconds then an error pops up saying: Error downloading: gamepackwJGHfH56F+FUrtQxiPS+1AHJ1JKsVJE1_6873035.jar Anything else have I missed?
  16. Its been nearly 12 hours since my Runescape crashed. I don't know if this 'update' was to blame. Was just playing then all of a sudden, disconnection and I had to restart my Runescape client. Then during loading, Java crashes. Updating Java didn't change anything either. I hope this update changes my fps, I have faith in Jagex :smile:
  17. I'm pretty sure those are baby dragonbones, from the RDT. 651 Baby Dragons sounds like disappointing xp.
  18. I entered this. Quite easy overall unless you've never been into new Burthorpe. None the less, it was all in good fun. Not like that other competition where you post your avatar chathead with one of the new tatoos from the SOF and you go in the draw for lifetime membership.
  19. I can't imagine how the second Bot Nuke will affect me.. I'm already playing on 1fps. Can't get any worse than that :cry:
  20. Well written article. I always enjoy this kind of work from you :)
  21. Not bad. Its a shame that tassets went down in price. Gratz on the drop however :thumbup:
  22. Thanks for the free membership. I didn't think I would win :P
  23. Dat 91 Farming for Felstalks ;_; BXPW Time! *prepares useless seeds*
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