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  1. [spoiler=A Fly-through of the Clan Citadel] I'm impressed at this. No idea why. :mellow:
  2. Reading the knowledge base. Great stuff in there. Statues, Fountains and more stuff. :thumbup:
  3. I decided to clear my computer mice of grime, dirt and other dirty things that have caught into the gaps of the mice. However, I ventured too far. With the mice, I took out the top part, in hope that I could get into the gaps. I broke the right-button clicker. Picture of Mouse with the top removed. Picture of the Mouse and the Top Part of the Mouse. Close-up of the damaged clicker. (Sorry about the small pictures, when I tried to upload them, they we're pretty big so I had to upload them Thumbnail size) Is there anyway I can repair the right-button clicker, or do I have to accept that its broken and I'll just have to buy another one?
  4. It lasts for 7 days, just in time for Clan Citidels. Coincidence? Probably.
  5. [spoiler=Contains some bad language. Excuse my clan mates.] Well, took me a good 2 hours at the Jadinko Lair. Such a lonely party... <3:
  6. Yes, you can get strange rocks from making Oak Armchair Flatpacks. Good luck, getting the construction strange rocks can be quite irritating.
  7. Hey, me again. Been doing a fewlot of Easy Clue Scrolls and been listing down the Uri Items are usual. Its not confirmed yet, but a few more runs and I can finalize. [spoiler=Items needed for Easy Uri Clues] Air Tiara Amulet of Strength Bronze Hatchet Bronze Platelegs Bronze Spear Bronze Two-handed Sword Coif Cowl Emerald Amulet Emerald Ring Gold Amulet Gold Necklace Gold Ring Hard Leather Body Holy Symbol Iron Boots Iron Chainbody Iron Kiteshield Iron Medium Helm Iron Platelegs Iron Plateskirt Iron Scimitar Iron Warhammer Leather Boots Leather Chaps Leather Gloves Leather Vambraces Longbow Mud Pie Oak Longbow Oak Shortbow Polar Camo Legs Polar Camo Top Sapphire Necklace Sapphire Ring Steel Full Helm Steel Hatchet Steel Longsword Steel Mace Steel Medium Helm Steel Pickaxe Steel Platebody Steel Plateskirt Studded Chaps Studded Leather Body Unenchanted Tiara Unholy Symbol Wood Camo Top Yellow Flowers
  8. Can't edit the map. I'm sure it requires a GMail account or somewhat. -.-
  9. That strange token someone on TIF found earlier this week... http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Strange_token <-- This one Maybe it has something to do with Daemonheim and the Slugs. Perhaps.
  10. I think you mean the new Distraction and Diversion: Troll Invasion.
  11. [spoiler=First Snipe: Trollgazer] Lets the hunt begin. :twisted:
  12. Did anyone get this feeling? [spoiler=Spoiler] Dragon Short Sword, woop?
  13. I've just recently gotten this problem. I'm stumped on how to fix it :-| The highlighted text is the Groups I'm trying to get rid of. I think it came up when I tried to burn a CD and is now grouping all files, whatever folder it may be. Kinda annoying and hoping to get this fixed. Your assistance is appreciated.
  14. Woop, looks like I don't need to go to bed just yet. :shades: Bring it on.
  15. Tormented Wraiths are fun to kill, from my past experience. I would last around 2-3 hours since they would drop prayer potions sometimes since I would be using protect from melee. Good profit to be made from the oak planks, death/blood runes and the iron ores. The black armour, I'd just hilach them. Only gotten a Spirit Shield from them. If its safe, I'm not sure. When I used to travel to the Dark Knights Fortress, I didn't meet any players on the way which was quite relieving. We should see if the Spirit Realm with the Tormented Wraith is pk-able though, just to be safe.
  16. Hey there, I've been compiling a list of Uri Items lately. Will it be useful for the Treasure Trails Guides, for those people who needs the item list? I've only done the Medium Clue Scrolls however. Uri Item List for Medium Clue Scrolls: If any is missing, then it can be updated. Thanks ;-)
  17. Strangly, no F2P Content. No surprise there, unless you count the new item slot. And loyalty program? Sounds like a trap..
  18. Sounds epic. Hopefully I can get something up by next week. :shades:
  19. Phew, took me a while, but #4 99 Skill. Next up: Defense, for Primal Armor <33
  20. Looking good, can't wait for this update. Want to train my mining to 85 so badly :-)
  21. Thanks very much!

    Birthday in May ftw <3

  22. So much bots at killing Tzhaars. Honestly, I cannot get obsidian charms that I need. They've ksed me, I've ksed them. Even their adventures logs is insane. 13 effigies dropped, and I doubt they've picked any of them up. We need a new Tzhaar Bot Killing Guide :razz:
  23. Happy 21st Birthday <3333

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