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  1. When you click on a gameplay video, and Linkin Park music starts playing.
  2. My mother automatically doesn't like a music artist if they swear in their songs.
  3. My grandmother said she walked out of it.
  4. Maze


    I started summer choir stuff. I have no idea what the hell I'm doing. I'm [bleep]ed. I'm going to fail this. Google doesn't really help me either. Damnit, I like singing in choir but all this music reading crap is hard and confusing as hell to me.
  5. Knowing Valve, they'll probably address that issue. And I am anxious for this game. I was wondering when they were going to reveal it. I hope it isn't F2P though. I prefer to have all the heroes unlocked from the beginning.
  6. I tried this and suck just as bad as when I play LoL. Guess I'll never be good at DotA-style games.
  7. Maze


    My brother came out to me. What confused me was that he stated that he was asexual up until that point.
  8. There are lots of moments in the film where I literally slammed my head on the desk. It's quite unsettling to know that kids are getting brainwashed like that. Here's a bit from the film:
  9. When Christians think that all Atheists are immoral and evil. On the flip side, Atheists who think that all Christians are illogical, blind-follower morons.
  10. Watching that film made me incredibly angry inside.
  11. People who pretend to be homosexual for attention. Yes, it's happened at my school.
  12. People who [bleep] and moan about smoking. I was in Church this morning (I'm Atheist but my parents still make me go) and these girls kept talking about how much they wanted to ban smoking in America and that No Smoking signs were a blessing from God. I turned around and said, "How does someone else smoking affect you?" They couldn't come up with a good answer.
  13. On a related note, people that think Random = Funny. Like this?
  14. People who try way too hard to be random/funny.
  15. I've heard sometime around December.
  16. I hate most rap but love OFWGKTA.
  17. Maze


    http://youtubedoubler.com/1hFe I feel bad for laughing at this.
  18. Am I the only one who is more impressed with the sounds than the graphics?
  19. Oh ok. That makes sense. In your other post, you looked like you were implying that it should be banned.
  20. I guess this would not be a good place to say that I am fine with this.... Why? I'm not really interested in manga and anime but I understand how others like it and don't wish for it to be removed from existence.
  21. Maze


    My family is going to the movie theater tonight and I have no idea what I want to see (we're all going to different films).
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