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  1. I consider myself heterosexual, but I don't think I ever want to be in a close relationship with a girl (or man). I also do not wish to have sex (I think it's disgusting, I literally get sick to my stomach when I see porn).
  2. I sadly succumbed into it, I desperately wanted just 1 unusual without paying $400 irl. :( Hold on, what? $400? For a virtual item? Is this Habbo Fortress 2?
  3. Maze

    AP Exams

    I got a 2 on my U.S. History test too. I took it as a Freshman.
  4. You know, why do people buy keys? It's like gambling but with the dollar taking a week to obtain. You get an item worth one scrap most of the time.
  5. People who text when you're trying to talk to them. Yeah, I like texting, but I don't do it when somebody's trying to have a conversation with me.
  6. I think I have an extra. NVM, it dropped for me. Also, idling is a pretty cool guy:
  7. Anybody here have an extra Jarate they can give me? :3 I think I traded mine away a long time ago and haven't gotten it as a drop back.
  8. I have a hard time remembering my own phone number.
  9. Maze


    Got a new phone today: [spoiler=Semi-large image]
  10. Maze


    All that came up was some links to meme sites. Still thought it was kinda weird.
  11. Maze


    My brother comes in my room, sits in my computer chair, googles "dat ass" and walks away. wut
  12. What I want to know is how much the author expected the reader to see in his/her writing. I think it'd be funny if you went back in time and talked with such an author who responded with, "Hell no, symbolism? I was just writing a fun story!" (Blocked out word inappropriate for TIF)
  13. My handwriting is embarrassingly bad. It looks like a first-grader's handwriting. I get embarrassed when I have to sign signatures.
  14. Study guides for novels. I understand that teachers need to know that the student read the book, but damn, can I just enjoy the novel (isn't that what reading fiction is about) without constantly thinking, "Oh God, what quotes have symbolism?"
  15. Maze


    I was watching a video and a screamer popped up. I yelped out loud. My brother came in and started chastising me.
  16. He's trying to be NICE to you. He's trying to include you in his group for friends for [bleep]'s sake. You never know, he could have been taking the piss out of Maze. People do the whole 'pretend to be your friend' thing for [cabbage]s and giggles. I do agree with this though. I actually did go with him at one point, and his friends didn't even pay any attention to me. I just kinda shuffled away and then he kept coming back and tried to convince me to go back over. I'm very socially-awkward when it comes to meeting new people.
  17. I was swinging and listening to metal, and some random kid walks up to me after leaving his group of friends and insists that I come over. I say, "No" and he says, "WELL THERES LOTS OF CUTE GIRLS OVER THERE SO GO GET THEM MAN" and I say, "Yeah, cool. I don't care. I want to listen to Megadeth." I like to be alone. It annoys the hell out of me when people can't get that through their skulls.
  18. Maze


    Hm, a lot of other videos I've seen of it say that the viewers are males ages 18-24 or whatever. And yes, of course it's marketed towards little girls. It's like the Powerpuff Girls (made by the same creator, actually), marketed toward girls but enjoyed by both genders and all ages. My Dad used to watch Powerpuff Girls with us and he still quotes the show from time to time. Yeah, I like My Little Pony.
  19. Maze


    Nope. From what I've heard, the majority of the audience is males and females ages 15-35.
  20. I really like warm 7-Up for some reason.
  21. I have a big problem with not making eye contact during conversations. I believe I'm slightly autistic because I share some symptoms (no eye contact, get upset when my regular schedule is broken, am quite reserved a lot of the time). I don't intentionally do it, and I get embarrassed because the other person probably doesn't think I'm listening because my eyes are somewhere else. I get a weird feeling when I look someone in the eye. I can't do it for more than a second.
  22. Maze


    Not sure if trolling because I like My Little Pony.
  23. Do you have META-INF deleted?
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