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    This video's pretty hilarious. Turn your volume up because it's hard to hear.
  2. Yeah, I'll try again. When I played I recruited some warriors and that was about it. I tried finding bandits and I couldn't find any. I tried training at the arena but I didn't think I was really training my stats.
  3. It's a sandbox game lol I understand that, but I...like...didn't know what to do. I know you're supposed to build an army and level your character but I didn't really know where to go to do that.
  4. I tried playing it, but I just couldn't get into it. I had no idea where I was supposed to go/what I was supposed to do.
  5. Maze


    I just trolled some kids so hard that they left the park. I was swinging and they kept running through the swings, pissing me off. Then they asked me questions like if I was popular at school and they called me a nerd and such. I knew what I had to do. I started talking non-stop about Megadeth and Judas Priest albums and they kept telling me to shut up, but I kept going. They eventually said, "FORGET THIS!" and left. Then, they came back. And the trolling commenced again. I then said, "HEY! HEY WAIT! I DIDN'T TELL YOU ABOUT MY FAVORITE TV SHOW!" and they all groaned. I started talking non-stop about My Little Pony and how Fluttershy was my favorite pony. They asked me if I was "normal or gay" (like being gay wasn't normal), so I asked them what was wrong with being homosexual. They ignored the question, so I went on and on about politics and they eventually just left. Then my face:
  6. I remember a guy saying that he never heated his Pop-Tarts. I asked why, and he said it was too much work. -.-
  7. Maze

    She's back!

    Wait a second. Listen to the lyrics. It sounds like the lyrics are about people who hate her.
  8. I think vaginas are disgusting, if that answers it. I get sick to my stomach when I see them.
  9. To clear things up, I am heterosexual and do think the faces and bodies of women are attractive, but do not wish to be in a close relationship or have sex.
  10. Maze


    I don't understand what's so fun about watching horror films. I hate being startled/frightened. I pretty much experience anxiety whenever I try to watch one. Creepypastas, however, are okay because those just leave a feeling of creepiness and not fright.
  11. Maze


    God damnit...
  12. I'm so un-coordinated and crappy at building, so I can't build big, cool stuff like that. How do you people do it?
  13. Maze


    This startled the [cabbage] out of me at midnight.
  14. Maze


    Have you guys ever chewed ice and gum at the same time? It makes ice shards in your gum and it's pretty cool.
  15. Dead Space isn't really even scary. When I realized that I could chop off the monsters' legs and leave them vulnerable, the scare factor went away. Now, Amnesia, man. I can't play that game for more than five minutes.
  16. It's a habit I myself developed from playing CoD4. In CoD4, pressing the switch weapons button twice would straighten your shot, allowing for an easy no-scope.
  17. Spine Adjuster is a pretty clever name.
  18. A scrap or two. Old vintage weapons aren't worth much.
  19. I feel sad when I see those creations because I never have the skills or patience to build things like that.
  20. I named my Pyro's mailbox (forgot what it was called) the "Special Delivery". And I like Conniver's Kunai. It allows me to chainstab payloads while on fire. Went on a 15-kill-streak with it in one life. The health penalty is not a big deal with the DR.
  21. When you trick an enemy player into thinking you went in a certain direction. Example: A scout is running after you, trying to kill you, and you turn the corner and cloak, but instead head in another direction. The scout thinks you're still running in that direction.
  22. Does the DR negate the Enforcer's downside?
  23. *contemplates dropping out of high school and selling TF2 items for a living*
  24. What kind of porn have you been watching? I'm sure this is a viewpoint lots of young people have, but it probably changes as they mature. I'm guessing you haven't actually had a close relationship with a girl before, no offence intetended, ? I don't intentionally scour out porn, but I think it's just...disgusting. I'd probably feel sick if I did it. And no, I haven't had a relationship. I don't want to. I don't really even consider myself really that attracted to females (or males, before you say "gay").
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