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  1. Yes. My 560Ti runs it with max settings and stays at a decent framerate in firefights.
  2. 4xAA? I can't play a game on less than that. Yes.
  3. My 560Ti runs the game fine at maxed settings.
  4. For those paranoid about Origin: http://www.sandboxie.com/
  5. Okay, Origin isn't as bad as I thought it would be. But it's still annoying to have. I don't mind Steam because it's the most popular PC gaming "client" (I can't think of another word) and it has tons of great sales and is generally great because a lot of my friends have it. Origin is just....a nuisance. It's unnecessary since I'm only playing one game on it.
  6. The L4D2 engine is a lot more optimized. My old single core chugged a ton on TF2 but ran just fine with 50 FPS on medium settings on L4D2.
  7. Do you need that Origin [cabbage] for the beta?
  8. Maze

    Dota 2

    The Dota 2 beta has officially started, and many contests are going on to get a key. Tons of streams are going on as well, and the game looks great. I've started up a Steam community here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dota2tif Is anyone in beta?
  9. My TV provider here at my university doesn't have The Hub, but I think EQD has a link for a few live streams. And I bet it will be uploaded to Youtube.
  10. Season 2 is tomorrow. I'm excited.
  11. I lucid dream pretty often and have been practicing it for a while. I had an extremely vivid lucid dream this morning, I could even feel the breeze. I was in my house, and I just walked around a bit and I went outside. Outside, there was a UFO attacking and shooting lasers at buildings. I point my fingers at it like a gun, yelled "BANG!" and the UFO exploded. I felt so badass.
  12. I do have slight fears of another terrorist attack since it's the anniversary. Wasn't Al-Qaeda planning one with trains or something?
  13. Maze


    Did she say it in a joking manner? Geez, it's hard to believe people can be that stupid. EDIT: Nom, I hope you're just saying that to prove a point. :P She actually said that in a serious tone.
  14. Maze


    I laughed so hard when they read the Urban Dictionary definition. Anyway, I said to a girl that I was atheist. Her response: "I hope you die tomorrow and realize you're wrong so you go to Hell"
  15. I honestly hope Notch doesn't stray too far away from the simplicity of the game.
  16. I bought Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition on Steam since it was only $7. Having fun with it so far. I'm playing a Hunter.
  17. People who mess around on the internet and don't pay attention when the instructor is giving instructions, and then get mad at you for not telling them what to do.
  18. Completely agree. There was a kid in my Honors Geometry class today, "Aw, seriously? What's with all this work?" Why are you taking an honors course then?
  19. Up until the 7th grade, I had a ton of stage freight when it came to presentations. Nowadays though, I just get up and do it. I get a little nervous sometimes, especially if it's on a controversial issue and I have an unpopular opinion in the classroom (Abortion, for example), but when things start to get going and it starts to flow, it goes away. What really helped me is just being more social in general.
  20. Here's how I feel about that: Posted Image
  21. Maze


    Accidentally burned myself with a match in Chemistry today. Luckily it was a small burn and it doesn't hurt anymore.
  22. I made a mistake flaming Hasbro for the takedowns. More pony episodes were taken down by a company named, "Habsro", meaning it's a troll.
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