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  1. Hellhounds and greaters can now be found in the f2p wilderness.
  2. I remember you guys. Good clan from back in the day, nice to see you back.

  4. What do you think of when you see the following (former) clans' initials? Sorry in advance if any of the following clans' initials coincide with those of any current clan(s); no flames are intended so I have to ask each Poster from refraining in engaging in such. Still be honest though. Di - DS - A (yep just "A" etc.) - @ - RD - P - RSF - RR - CF - TDS - EH - MGMT (just kidding, but: the band, love or hate?) - B - SE - ST - LF - 3x Feel free to add your own (after the rest of the template); if enough common ones are written-in I will include it up here and maybe this will be a sort of mini-quasi-clan history thread. :D
  5. It's always a shame to see a clan with such a great history close. I had some good friends in that clan over the years and I wish all of RR's ex-members the best in their future clanning endeavors. Is there any one clan that a lot of the ex-members are moving to? edit: Hi DW member up there ^^
  6. Small late night (American/EST late night, that is) miniwars - affectionately known as "late night 5 vs 5's" by some - are a dying species. However, I've got good news. With your small, nominal donation of a visit to #takeover on SwiftIRC (other contact info listed below), YOU can help save late night miniwars! These fights are a noble, majestic breed; they are surprisingly fun and good if you're not doing anything else (as if you are at 4 am EST). Please, save the late night 5 vs 5's! Here are the scientific details of the small late night miniwars we are searching for: Kingdom: Clans Phylum: Combat Class: Clan-vs.-clan Order: Miniwar Family: Matched Options Genus: PVP world (c'mon, CWA isn't worth it with 5 people) Species: Andrew Grower That is a pretty good summary of what we are looking for. Remember, you only need 5 people to fight in these wars and make a difference! TOGETHER we can save the late night miniwars! IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A LARGER MATCHED OPTS MINI, YOU MAY CONTACT US ABOUT THAT TOO! Here is our memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=teamtakeover We are a team, not a clan, but we comply to all the usual honor codes and promise a good fight. Here is some contact information: #takeover / http://z8.invisionfree.com/Team_Takeover You may /query Elit9, The_Slayer15, Noble_Inc, or Ninane on IRC. One of us will usually be around.
  7. I rarely did in the old wild unless we were clearly ahead and the war/pkri was essentially decided. A couple of months ago I was fighting in a pkri and we were winning by a safe margin, so I began to loot ... I got up to like 4 sets but alas, I wound up being the last kill of the fight. :thumbsup:
  8. People have told me that it's not 30 minutes of real time but rather 30 minutes of actual combat, in the same manner of barrows armor or druid robes. Most wars don't even last 30 minutes total, though, so a single corrupt dragon item should be able to last an entire fight even if it does degrade in 30 minutes of real time.
  9. GL Breakout, I hope you succeed in "breaking out" #-o from the shadow of BSK!
  10. Clans who enjoyed pking in the old wild/old BH, maybe especially those who lack the ability to fight in 6+ hour run-ins (ouch), are the big winners here. They've finally got that aspect of the game back after a hiatus of several months, and although it's not as good as what was in Runescape only a year ago, it's still better than the nothingness that had been present since BH became single-only. I know it's made a lot of my clanning friends happy. :)
  11. I think they'll be allowed in wars, but this may depend on just how difficult to obtain they are. If corrupt dragon trading on the GE is highly illiquid due to few pvp drops, I think people will start to ban them from wars due to a purported "unfair advantage", much like we've seen with infinite run. I personally couldn't get a corrupt drag item from the GE in time for MSSW4, but that may have been due to the fact these items are still brand new - only time will tell the full story, I suppose. 400 posts :thumbsup:
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