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  1. Go kill ice warriors for gold charms (100+ a run) and use those.
  2. Well since the cannon only gives half xp... It would take a hell of a lot of c balls...
  3. I'm pretty sure you can only get 30k p hour at that lvl...
  4. I'm not 100% sure but I think it goes up...
  5. Kill Zamorak Warriors. I got 700k in 3 hours last night. Consistent rune scimmy drop.
  6. The Adventures of Drachedolch the Clan Enter the Rift Prelude Through out the ages many of the ancient Edgevillian myths have been lost. Yet the most fearful of them all remained, the Tale of the Ancient Rifts. Before the wilderness became a frightful place there was a giant clash of the Gods. During these God wars the wilderness was near ripped apart. Powers never before leashed upon the world were released in an attempt to gain ground. Billions of coins worth of treasure were shipped in to pay for the Gods mercenaries, these were guarded by the most fearsome beasts know to the land. So, when Guthix finally, in an attempt to balance the world again, sunk the armies into the ground Billions were lost. Yet the legend doesnt end there. For when the ancient Edgevillians, who remained neutral throughout the wars, went to examine the new landscape to their north, they discovered a barren wasteland destroyed from the sinking of the armies. When the people began to find massive cracks in the ground they were not surprised. They assumed at the bottom of the caves they would find the remains of the gold, and so they threw a rope down and went to explore. The Edgevillians sent down their bravest and strongest band of warriors, hoping that they would soon be the richest kingdom in all the land. Leaving a runner at the entrance to the crack, to ensure quick news of the discoveries, the band entered the caves. For the next several days all that the runner heard were screams from below. They slowly seemed to get farther and farther away, until they were a mere whisper upon the wind. The King of Edgeville, after hearing the news, declared a ditch to be dug around the entrance to the cracks, declaring them unsafe and off limits. For several months rumors ran that the ghosts of the armies were still alive and fighting in giant rooms underneath the ground. Yet, in the middle of the night nearly a month after the first expedition into the cracks, a ragged man stumbled into the ditch. Fearing the worst a guardsman called in the Edgevillian Militia. When the Militia finally realize the man is no threat they drag him out of the ditch. After intense questioning the man claimed that he was the last surviving member of the first expedition party. The Militia man who was questioning him gasped in shock, they had assumed that everyone in that expedition had died. The man then told them his story: There were 10 of us original members; we climbed into the crack in the ground. As soon as we hit the floor we realized something was wrong. There were these huge boulders lying on the floor in a huge room. We started to separate, looking for lost gold, hoping to find a giant pile. I was following the outside edge of the room when all hell broke loose. First we heard our leader scream and then the sound of bones crushing echoed throughout the cavern. I was frozen in fear as I turned around, only to find that the boulders were truly giant beasts as hard as stone. The others attempted to run back to the rope, still hanging in the center of the room, only to be crushed by the massing boulders. The only thing I could think to do was to hide. So, I, along with two other men whom were still alive, dove behind a natural rock wall. As we jumped over we got sucked into a blinding white light. Those caverns arent natural; they are connected with miles of rifts. Anyways, as we hopped through that first rift, pure chaos took a hold of one of our three remaining members. When we woke next, it was just me and one other man. As I looked around this new room I was horrified. We had lived through one hell only to be delivered to another. For in this room hundreds of giants, spitting flames, sprawled on the ground. Hoping we wouldnt be heard we saw another rift portal on the other side of the room. Slowly we made our way step by step, across the room. Luckily we got through, and once again we dove through the portal. This pattern repeated itself over and over again. Just me and a man sneaking past sleeping monsters day in and day out; it was absolutely horrible. Two weeks after the fateful day we descended upon these hellholes we gained access to the deepest of the Rift secrets. The room was the size of our city tripled. Inside there were the most gruesome and hideous of all of the beasts. Black Devils themselves, eyes glowing red, with a tinge of gold sparkling off of the piles upon piles of gold. The man I had become acquainted to gasped in shock, instantly one hundred pairs of glowing red eyes turned upon him. Knowing the time for secrecy was up we both dashed in opposite direction. I, seeing the white glow behind a smaller pile of gold, dashed for the portal, knowing nothing could be quite as bad as this. The other man ran in the opposite direction, only to be cornered. The last thing I saw as I jumped head first into the portal was the mans arms being ripped from the sockets themselves. For a week longer I wandered among the beast of the rift. Sneaking as far as I could go. Finally, exactly a month after my decent I arrived in a room filled with Giants covered in moss and shrubbery. Scattered about on the floor were random limbs and armor pieces. Looking closely I recognized the insignia of our brothers to the East. The Varrockians had sent down a scouting party too. Looking from where they came from I saw a ray of light coming from a hole in the roof of the cavern, and luckily the rope, the tiny little lifeline, was still dangling attached to the side of the hole. Knowing I wouldnt have a hope to get out of the rift in any other place I made a plan. During the night when the beast settled down to sleep, I slowly crawled to the center of the room. When I was within five feet of my destination I jumped up and attempted to dash to it; grabbing a hold of the rope I realized that I had woken the monsters, and so I climbed faster then ever before in my life. My sore limbs screamed in agony as I pushed myself to the limit. A single tug by one of the Giants could rip the rope right out of the ground. Yet, whether it was an act from the Gods, or just luck that saved me, I still can not determine. When I finally got out I headed south hopping to spot a land mark of a place familiar to me. It looks like I made it. Thank the Gods. As the man finished the story he gently passed out, sleeping restfully for the first time in weeks. As he leaned against the table three gold pieces fell out of his pocket. Picking them up the head Militia man gasped. For the gold shone as though the Gods themselves buffed them clean. As the decades passed the Edgevillians began to get more and more nervous. Knowing what was below the ground, so close to them, they were worried the beast would find a way to escape. So, to put the towns mind at ease the King set out to hire a group of brave explorers to examine and count the numbers of the monsters in the rift. For far and wide nobody was willing to enter the rift. Too many men had lost there lives for just stepping foot into it. Finally, a group of people, a clan, stepped up to protect there fellow humans. This group called themselves Drachedolch! Nick, the wise, led them, followed shortly by Sam, the brave. The rest of the members: Nick, Hunter, Jamie, Derrick, Anthony and Kevin; prepared to face an enemy so vast, so fearsome that even the strongest man couldnt take it on. The enemy was no longer faceless, for the enemy was the Rift. To be continued in Part 1. This is my first attempt at a 100% fictional story. I know there are several spelling and grammar mistakes. Also, This is the prelude to a planned 3 part story.
  7. They are advertising the forums on said search engines. They make it to where you can search for what someone said on TIF and it show up.
  8. ^ Incorrect < Is undercover 3rkid V Doesn't Believe me...
  9. :thumbsup: I just got a D full helm pk!
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