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  1. Meh, I don't know. I haven't found anything that interests me so much I would want my career to revolve around it. I'm interested in medicines and stuff, but I doubt I'm intelligent enough. I guess go to 6th form (I don't know if in other countries it's college, but it's.. the place you go before university, to do A levels, I think..) and then go to University to study something. I'm waiting for the hallelujah moment of "Good god, that interests me!" But I really should actually go look for that sort of thing. :)
  2. Well, obviously the people doing the "exorcism" believed it would work. They didn't intend to kill the woman, so I don't know if they should all be tryed as murderers. :| An unfortunate incident rather than a murder, really..
  3. In a way, failing exams. More the fact if everyone was saying "Hey, I passed this exam! How'd you do?" Other than that, nothing else really.
  4. My class ran the 800m for the first time this year last tuesday. Our teacher was pretty much gobsmacked by how unfit we all are, the entire class averaged about.. 5-6 minutes? Most of my class aren't fat or obese, mostly average or thinner, but apparantly we all have very unhealthy hearts/lungs. I'm trying to improve my time (and general fitness), so I don't un-run myself into an early grave. (By the way, class of 13-14 year olds.)
  5. Kirudaymi

    Worst thing..

    1. Saying comments that are too harsh, or will hurt other peoples feelings. 2. Tendancy to daydream often. 3. "Live in the moment" attitude. Nice to be like that sometimes, but occasionally I wish I thought about consequences. -.-
  6. Hm, I don't really have any serious ones. Maybe quitting hockey, and occasionally some things I've said to people that I've sort of regretted. Generally, I don't have any regrets, apart from the above. (And the feeling usually goes away after a little while :? )
  7. Mostly listening to music/tv on while doing homework, or browsing different things on the internet at the same time. When I read a book, I've got to have the tv on, I dunno if it's a habit or if I actually need some sorta background noise for me to concentrate on the book..
  8. Where do you buy your clothes? I buy my clothes from high street shops, so places like River Island, Top Shop, H&M.. Do you buy the most expensive thing/clearance stuff? It varies. If I see something ugly/neutral on clearance then I won't jump to buy it just because it's cheap. So, I suppose if I have the money on me, and I like the item enough, then I'll buy it regardless of if it's reduced or not. Do you buy the clothes online or in store? In store always, I like to try the clothes on first, and when you're shopping in real life you sometimes find shops/bargains that you wouldn't get online. My school has a uniform, but out of school I don't really have a "style". I just wear whatever's appropriate/I feel like wearing. :
  9. I remember vividly one really bad dream I had when I was younger. Basically, it was the main runescape screen, with my inventory on the right, etc. However, I didn't know it was a game (it wasn't me looking at a screen, it was almost like this is what I would see in real life, just with a runescape frame around it.) In the middle of the "screen" there was a scarecrow, and it was singing in a really mutated odd voice that childhood song about scarecrows.. "I'm a dingly dangly scarecrow" (with a flippy floppy hat, etc.) My cousin was in the dream too, although I can't quite remember where she tied in with things - she was just definitely present. What's all the more creepy is that I had never played runescape before this dream. <_< So I wouldn't know how I'd know about the runescape "game frame".
  10. I'm going skiing next february, I've been once before and I really can't wait. Going to Italy with my school. :)
  11. For some reason I find myself saying "buggery and damnation" in place of say "damn", "crap" or whatever other word you want to use there. Kind of weird, but whatever.. I also often say; Yeah, sure. (Instead of just yes, or ok.) My god! Oh good god. Nahhh. Mkay. Whatevs. Shucks. This one's kind of hard to explain.. when you say "I don't know" or "I dunno." That sort of intonation, but all the words slurred together, rounded off with a shrugging of the shoulders. It sort of comes out like "Mehdunuhh". <_<
  12. 1. I'm British, and kind of too patriotic. 2. Bus journeys are one of my favourite things in life. (When the bus isn't jam packed, sweaty or smells of mold. <_<) 3. Kind of moody sometimes. (Happy and cheerful / sarcastic and snappy.) 4. Have a very thick skin. (Not literally. :? ) 5. James May and Stephen Fry are my favourite people on the tv. :
  13. friends, family, the bus ride to and from school, the changing weather, when it's so cold you can feel the icy wind in your lungs, poetry and books that i can't put down, quotations that make me think, the muggy humid feeling before a storm, discussion, long summer nights just sat in the garden, or on the swing in my garden, my bed, and the feeling when you just wake up, songs that are so happy and upbeat you can't help but smile, random things on the internet, random things in life that catch your attention, the sun on your neck, trees, nature, buildings/scenery that take your breath away.. there's so many to mention, but i'd best shut up now, haha.
  14. A little, I suppose. My parents let me go out whenever I want and for as long as I want within reason. (So long as I text her on my phone every so often, saying I'm ok.) Games and movies are ok, whatever age rating.. But parties with alcohol may as well be on the moon, because they're not ok with me going.
  15. The weekdays of my life all follow the same pattern, get up, go to school, come home, homework bed.. But different things do happen within the days that keep it kind of interesting, I guess. It's the weekends I enjoy though, spending time with friends, shopping etc. Although it'd be nice to have a life like a game character, it isn't gunna happen, so I try and enjoy my life with or without zombie horde.. :D
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