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  1. i knew how to crop my screenshots on my dell but i cant figure out what to go to so i can crop them on my mac. please help me out and tell me what program to use.
  2. i know some items you can only buy a certain amount of in 4 hours. so how many diamond bolts can you buy in 4 hours or w/e?
  3. thats not wat im thinking it's in a potion looking bottle and teles you somewhere in canifis or near by there.
  4. wat is that pot called that teles you to canifis or watever?
  5. ok ty very much everyone your a big help :thumbsup:
  6. ty so much thats a big help! Now that i look at it the rune cost are more than 70 gp so you wouldnt profit... Maybe im wrong and if so correct me
  7. ok im gonna try some dk's also cuz i have never been there so its worth a shot eh.
  8. :thumbup: I use Diamond Bolt Enchant because it's very fast exp. I was also making profit when I did it last! oo very nice im gonna try this first
  9. ok great not a very long quest at all thanks \
  10. how long approx. does lunar diplomacy take?
  11. which one do you suggest and which one is the cheapest?
  12. Its half of my way to 94 magic then im gonna wave iron and steels for the the other half. Im probably gonna alch sapphire bracelets mostly Yes but both methods suck wat should i do to 94 magic then?
  13. Ty. Everyone for the luck and hopefully whenever i do try again i will succeed
  14. Its half of my way to 94 magic then im gonna wave iron and steels for the the other half. Im probably gonna alch sapphire bracelets mostly
  15. How long would 60k alchs take approx. In hours
  16. So im on wave 52/63 and im goin really strong confident im gonna come out with a fire cape and i atleast know im getting to jad. So im on 52 last monster a lvl 45 and my connectioj gets lost and im back outside the fight cave wih no fire cape or anything. Bummed to the max #-o
  17. After i get 99 ranged do you think with my stats i could be a decent pker? Also any suggestions on other stat i should improve if any? Def-75 Str-74 Att-73 Magic-71(after 99 ranged im getting it up higher) Summ-52 Pray-55 Hp-81 Cb-100
  18. Are you talking about the same thing as the guy above, if so i cant use kyatt so what is another way?
  19. Where is the fastest place to mine iron and bank it?
  20. when wearing a tiara while rcing doesn't it give you extra xp?or does it give you the normal xp?
  21. So i want to go for a fire cape. But i need to know somthing. Should i go the crystal bow route or rune cbow route. Ive seen it both ways on differtent guides. And yes i know the karil xbow way too but i dont want to do that. Which way is better or easier or faster or w/e. If you say rune cbow then wat bolts should i use? I have 85 range and 75 def
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