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  1. So i know that if your in danger zone risking 75k+ your drop rate goes up and if you die a lot. But my friend told me the more ppl you kill the worse your drop gets. Is this true or the more you kill the better?
  2. nice stuff. i have a question about pking. the more ppl you kill in a trip lets say you kill 15 ppl,would your drops get better easch time or worse.my friend tried to tell me they get worse but i wasnt sure. i know the more time your in danger area risking 75k and the more you die,but i wanna know if you kill more and more if your drops get better and better?
  3. well I'm in the process of 99 range. I love range and should hopefully have it a couple months even tho I could get it in 1. I would rather have a range cape then some useless cape like fletching. So i've decided to go for a nice challenging awesome cape/99.I am taking any tips on gtting 99 range.
  4. what was the first skill that you told yourself you are gonna get 99 in?did you get it?did you quit?are you still working at it?what made you want to get this 99 or 99's??just wanted to start a lengthy discussion.
  5. how long does it take to complete dt(roughly)??I'm gonna do it no Matter what I just wanna know about how long it will take.
  6. ok thanks cuz my friend wants to dt and i decided i should do it and since im gonna start pkin i might as well use the good stuff. :thumbsup:
  7. Is bice blitz or ice burt even worth it for pvp or is barrage the only really effective one? I dont like magic that much and i dont wanna spend a week alching 24 lvls to get barrage,so i was just wondering if burst or blitz can still work for pking even tho its obviuosly not as good as barrage. 8-)
  8. Oh yeah lol..I am gonna bring some sara bracers. ok didnt know what you wanted to do or if you didnt care. Where did you train your range i really wanna get higher range and i know like a billion spots but i like to learn new places too?
  9. yes that should work might wanna think about a sara item unless you dont really care. :thumbsup:
  10. Idk exactly what price d claws will get too,just think they started so cheap and rised so much,kinda like d plate started so much and lowered so much.Its up and down who knows =P. ps.check your messages.
  11. my stats are in my sig.with a setup like this:torag helm,black dhide body,dhide vambs,verac skirt,rune cbow,dds,and so on.
  12. with anti-fire shield and antifire pots you wont get hit.
  13. What are good stats to have at my lvl to be good and not get owned in pvp?
  14. 80-85 range what would the best bolts to use in pvp? with a setup like this. torags helm black d hide body black d hide vambs verac skirt rune c bow so on so on....
  15. Beeskers503

    Work outs

    BMI says you're overweight. Using BMI without knowing the ammount of muscle mass and fat creates un-accurate results. Because muscle weighs more than fat. Hello Friend, You must read before posting. He said he is skinny. Therefore not much muscle on his body. Please refrain from trying to make yourself look smart again. Good Luck Bro. Good job making yourself look like an idiot, because i do actually know what i'm talking about. You have muscles in everything from your ears to your legs and depending on the degree you use them they have different masses and desnsities. Higher density = more weight. Compare two 100 hundred gram samples of Lithium and Uranium and you will that Lithium takes up a lot more room. And you can be skinny and have muscle, 99% of the time skinny means no fat, which means you could bench 300 pounds and have a six pack and still be skinny. Good day. amen to that
  16. So i need to know what i need to be pretty good at pking. My stats are in my sig. Tell me what i should improve to have effective pvp trips.
  17. So i have 40 summoning and i'm gonna get at least 52 hopefully higher. Any tips on what pouches to make for the cheapest and best xp? Also helpful combat familiars?
  18. yaks are good but they are very boring. i suggest caged ogres with bronze knives they got some good seed drops and there are more ppl to talk to.but thats just my opinion.
  19. Beeskers503

    Work outs

    ok im just like you i am 6'1 and 125lbs and i work out everyday,i cant really give you tips on eating cuz i eat terribly :thumbsup: . What i do is not much at all but i do about 30 curls with 10lb dumbbells,then 20-30 pushups,then bench how ever much you want or can bench like 20-30 reps,then do 50-100 situps and repeat 2 or 3 times.It is not much at all but it really helps. O ya and i run when its warm i run 2-3miles a day when its warm. Hope this helps.
  20. No need for a ankous guide. i train there all the time. I suggest using guthans for trips as long as you would like other wise you would have to take bank trips every once in a while,which is annoying.
  21. Drums baby! Drumline(lead snare on my high school line) Mainly drum set though Drums are the best idc what ppl say!
  22. Uhhh the last game i bought was sims 2 because i find it so fun for some reason. Also i just bought nppl '09 (National Professional Paintball League 2009)
  23. I was thinking of building a slayer house.But i'm not sure what all i should put in it.I only have 50 construction so idk if that really limits the things or not. Also are there and other "themed" houses like a "slyer" house that i could build.If so please give me some ideas.Thanks
  24. I have 52 summoning.What are the most useful familiars for combat and i know terrorbird is the best for bob.Just list some helpful familiars.ty
  25. Set-up for tanking: Torags helm Zammy dhide body sara bracers torags legs d boots/snakeskin boots rune c bow/crystal bow mith or broad bolts ring of wealth armadyl pendent avas accumulator Inventory: Alch runes Bones to peach tabs Tele tab Sharks or monks mith grapple optional:range pots
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