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  1. haha i looked at the first tab and was like "this is gonna be a super noob bank" then i keep scrollin i'm like "ok ok this is nice" then i get to your cash,capes,ect.I was like "holy snapadapolis this dudes a beast". =D> nice stuff 10/10
  2. haha!!! thats great,props to this dude. :thumbsup:
  3. so i just got full void. should i get the symbol too or can i do without?
  4. shut up the "reds" bearing are fast,if you paint em red they dont go faster He knows what he's talking about. ty i've been skatin for bout 4-5 years and i always use reds they are great.
  5. shut up the "reds" bearing are fast,if you paint em red they dont go faster
  6. i was tryin paint but when i take screen shot i cant figure out how to get it on paint. it wont let me right click and paste. :wall: what do i ahve to do?
  7. Where do you paste your screenshots to to crop them? I dont want to have the whole windows explorer screen in, just the rs game screen. And maybe if there is anything that comes on your comp. that you can do it on. i have lots of microsoft stuff. or what i should get to be able to do it,possibly something free?
  8. probably buy full drag. ags dfs and about 50k sharks 100k monks for training chins for 99 range all barrows sets ridiculous amounts of potions all the rest for future wants.
  9. if you bought it complete in a box its usually not that good,i buy all seperate parts and custimize my set-up to make it the best.But not all complete are terrible they just not that good.that could be why,my first board was a complete bought one and it sucked bad. :lol:
  10. ooo well i've never heard of em so it could be that its sucky stuff or maybe its good and its not sold where i live so sorry can't help you. :wall:
  11. i need to know what bearings,wheels,and trucks you got to tell you the problem.
  12. ok thanks a lot everyone,i think i know all i need to do now,read my blog when it goes up in a couple days. :thumbsup:
  13. well i havent done smoking kills becuz i hate quests even tho i love slayer so i should do it. but anyway if i could block task i would block: skeletal wyverns when i get that lvl becuz i know those are a pain. and anything lvl 25- really because those are usually useless with bad xp and not very good drops. o yea and definately trolls i hate them. and last ice giants and warriors i also hate them. #-o
  14. I'm thinking about starting a blog about my goals and all the other good stuff like stats and bank and drops and lvling. I need some tips and stuff about it becuz i dont know how to do most of the stuff.I just figured out how to do screen shots.But i need to know how to put the pics in the tabs that you press the show and hide buttons. Accepting any other tips on starting a blog also. \ :thumbsup:
  15. ok so you know the pics of ppl's bank,them lvling up,and getting good drops.well how do you dot that?do you you like a special camera or something? :wall:
  16. how many from 82 range do you think it will take and maybe an estimated cost plz? also maybe how many c-balls till 99 from 82 also and estimated cost?
  17. slayer,your drop percentage of good drops from monsters goes up. like if you get iron drags or some other metal drags the percentage of d drops goes up i belive. i make tons of money off slayer.
  18. maybe do some quests with really good rewards like dt,mm,roving elves,stuff like that.i dont like quests much but if i want the reward i do em.just a thought :thumbsup: yea or work on your low skills.
  19. not about what you said but about the girl at your house thing.i feel so bad for you but im laughing really hard right now.if that happened to me i would piss my pants lmao.tell you the truth if i had a girl right now (i have had a girl just single right now)i would either quit for awhile or barely play to maybe prevent anything like that of happening.but yea dude i feel really bad for you thought i would tell you that \
  20. I have been training range thru slayer for a while now,i just have not been cannoning because my money is gettin low on stupid buys -.- but i know cannoning is good for slayer tasks and decent for range so i said eh what the hay ill start cannoning a bit.
  21. how many do you think it will take from 81-98 range? i say 81-98 beacause im gonna range while the cannon is goin so i dont need the cannon balls all the way to 99. also maybe an estimate on how much it will cost. :thumbsup: chins wouldnt be cheaper would they?
  22. but doesnt dying compensate for the losses or something like that yes the system detects that your dead or whatever so when you end up killing someone it will be a decent drop. :wall:
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