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  1. he is right, at mummies you actually loose more money. i recently bought red chins for 99 range from 90 myself and i bought 35k witch should get me 99. it cost me about 22m ok ty guys im glad you told me that other wise i would have gone to mummies \
  2. I am planning on chinning to 99 range even tho i will be straight broke after but idc 99 range is an awesome achievement.Do you think that 12m will be enough for all the chins and p pots to 99 range?Im goin to do it at mummies not ape atoll because you can get good drops and mummies and most of the time it will pay for the p pots every trip.i can go up to about 14 or 15m if it is a must.So how much do you think i will need. 12m or more? PS:I am 90 range New question at bottom of thread.
  3. Ur abusing the PvP system? lol same thought.... but is it that you cant get random while in combat? (which is false because ive seen it before) it says "open locked door"?
  4. o yea thanks i have like 300 points saved for slayer helm but i think magic is more important for now.thanks a lot :thumbsup:
  5. can you range az's? and do that drop a lot of those runes? Ya, they drop a good amount of chaos not so many bloods or deaths though. o but can you range them?
  6. can you range az's? and do that drop a lot of those runes?
  7. ok so wildy gives more xp but do they still work anywhere in a pvp world or only in wildy?
  8. i got a pair of hunter brawlers today and im very excited but i need to to know in order to use them all you need to do is train that skill in a pvp world correct?anywhere in a pvp world or a certain place?
  9. first pvp drop ever. I had 85 ep. there are hunter brawlers in inventory also \
  10. I know ankous are good for bloods/ deaths but are there any others that drop a decent amount of those runes?
  11. So yesterday i went pking for the first time with my friend. At first i couldnt find a good person to fight. Then i saw this dude 2 lvls higher than me with an ss. I said this guy doesn't look so tough. So i go and i fight him Spec with rune arrows and mage short,then diamond e and rune c bow, then pull out the big boys(dragon e) and hit a 44 for the ko. Why is this in rants.... I didn't get the drop!?!?!?!?!?! -.- someone else did more damage on him... and i couldn't find anyone else good to fight.. and to end off the day i was running from edge to ge using the agility shortcut(really bad idea) i get pjed by a dds and die. -.- this sucks im gonna have to go out again sometime.
  12. o wow i guess that guy was really wrong thanks :thumbsup:
  13. ok sounds good to me thanks :thumbsup:
  14. please anyone i need to get working on magic and i need to know which one would be faster or better.
  15. Beeskers503


    94 magic=venge muhahaha :ohnoes:
  16. which one is faster xp? which one would you suggest?
  17. Woot 83 hp...i keep missing the good pic right when i lvl :wall:
  18. Can someone make a good range tanking or hybrid pvp guide. i can never find any kind of those guides and it would really help. im talking about different setups and invents and all that. if you know of one please tell me or maybe even make one. im sure it would help more ppl than just me.
  19. i know this is a lot to ask but... can you guys give me some different setups/invents for range tanking and hybriding in pvp. with using different weps and all that. i know some but i would like to see some other ppls set-up and maybe get some ideas.
  20. ty i figured it out just how you told me. :thumbsup:
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