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  1. Very nice accomplishment!congratz! :thumbsup: Do you happen to know someone named rickmoe in rs? if not. sorry i bothered you i just thought you were someone he knew.
  2. preferably 2-3 kills per trip If you're planning to do this for money, then just focus on soloing one, so you only need gear for one. You'll have a hard time getting 3 kills at Bandos or Zamorak with your melee stats. ok i understand thanks.
  3. So currently im working on some things so that i can solo all the gwd bosses. From what i hear i could atm but not very effectively. I have 80 magic banked and working at it atm. What level magic do you suggest? Also right after im done with magic im going to be raising my defence to at least 85+. What level do you suggest? 70 prayer is defenatily(sorry about spelling) going to be something i get before soloing. At the time i get 70 prayer i plan on getting 68 summ for bunyip which is also good because i will have tortoise for more food. Any other levels you think would be helpful please tell. Thanks, beesk
  4. so if i got magic and defence up it would be better and i could get more kills at bandos and stuff? what levels would you suggest?
  5. What all bosses could i solo with my stats? Also good ways to solo them like setups and stuff. thanks in advance.
  6. yay almost halfway yay gs's :thumbsup: , also got 107 cb on this lvl :cool:
  7. first bandos trip,first bandos drop. not much but better than nothing also got some other things like rune plate and sword and a couple ourg bones
  8. im sorry i didnt specify i meant to say is this a good enough setup for soloing sara gwd?
  9. Is this a good enough set-up for soloing sara gwd?How many kills do you think i could get with this setup per trip? anything you think i should swap out?im on a low budget so please dont tell me...fury not glory or armadyl or something just things like obby shield or torags legs or something. thanks
  10. very nice job, i went for max kc got to 1k lmfao i couldnt do it. How long did this take you?And what was your setup? Edit:Unspam:12 more till i start soloing sara a lot =)
  11. Do you think this will be more effective?im guessing yes since i have 99 range and fail melee stats... What would be a cheapish range setup?maybe 1-2m
  12. Dont worry im like 40k from 74 att and was planning on getting 75. Thanks guys
  13. I was wondering a decent setup that is pretty cheap like 1-2m? I'm planning on going in a 4-man team, im not the tanker. thanks
  14. i have verizon and my friend has at&t and we both have unlimited texting. i was wondering if we could text each other for free even though we have different network thingys?
  15. I really wanna make more money by killing things. i know the basic green drags, aviansies, ankous, and things like that. I was wondering if some people could just give me a bunch of different monsters that could make me a little money that arent completely boring. thanks
  16. I want to buy a whip for training attack but im currently saving for an ss for strength without having to sell anything i surrently own. Do you think whip is going to crash soon? I dont wanna buy when then it crashes and i lose 1m or something like that, i would rather just wait till i have an ss then buy a whip later if thats gonna happen.Any advice? thanks
  17. major gratz. how much money did you make/lose roughly after you got that since you went so long without a single drop?
  18. you really think so?solo ranging im guessing since my melee fails lol.maybe i should go get 70 agility then...could you maybe tell me a standard setup and invent?
  19. I obviously have terrible melee stats since i was going for max range tank. Now i am working on my strength and attack and thought i should get my stats up to solo bandos and sara. What levels should i get in what skills?stats in sig. thanks
  20. youve clicked on the coal but it says it the top left " drink anti-poison"
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