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  1. Finally sucked it up and got this...it wasn't to bad :thumbsup: [hide][/hide]
  2. Finally put my brawlers to some use. Now to get 60+ hunter from chins and make more money :cool:
  3. another 80 skill :thumbsup: . Making all my money back from 99 range by skilling. I'm taking a nice break from cb and it's pretty nice.
  4. what robes are those???? On topic!! i believe those are the dirty slave robes you get from one of the quests to do desert treasure. correct me if im wrong.
  5. I'm getting 99 range today which is also my first 99. My party is going to be at 1:30 eastern time. Anyone can come if they want. Just pm sometime today before the party and ill tell you where its at :thumbsup: .
  6. dude tyvm for this guide. im getting 99 range tomorrow and this guide really helped. thanks.
  7. you could work on rc. graak nats or zmi. its decent cash.
  8. 98 range \ 99 tomorrow please post and if you wanna come to the partay your more than welcome ill have more details later.
  9. 2 more...jsut figured out ive been goofing around and not getting nearly as much xp as i should be each trip, therefore im gonna have to buy like 10k more. And thats the rest of my money. o well my fault :(
  10. aviansies green or blue drags fire giants are ok
  11. wewt. 3 more. my goal of having 99 by saturday should be fulfilled :thumbsup: .
  12. Some nice new pics up. :thumbsup: Planning on having 99 range by saturday and i will have party details later if anyone is interested. :thumbsup: Please post this blog seems to be dieing fast, and i don't want that.
  13. man do i love chinning. 1 level closer to 99. 175k to 95 range also. I'm probably gonna have my 99 range party on saturday, more details will come later. :thumbsup:
  14. Well i got this 2 nights ago \ And i put the offer in for 99 range last night and this morning ding ding ding. :thumbsup: 99 range by tuesday or wednesday hopefully. :ohnoes: :thumbsup:
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